$50 BILLION MARKET CRASHPERSPECTIVE [Cryptocurrency, ビットコイン, Altcoinニュース]


Today we go over the cryptocurrency market and I share with you some of the most valuable crypto news. We discuss why the market lost over 50 billion dollars in 24 時間. Where do we go from here?

We talk about the raid on major South Korean exchange UPbit and the sell off of over 8,000 bitcoin by the Mt. GOXトラスティ.
Let's get into it.

以下のような. 申し込む.

**Not Financial Advice. Just opinion.

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$50 BILLION MARKET CRASHPERSPECTIVE [Cryptocurrency, ビットコイン, Altcoinニュース]

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  1. tomski thechamp it’s never bad to take out profits. Do that whenever you are satisfied with the amount. Or you can also cost average and just invest a little bit with each pay check.

  2. I personally have a different view on crypto than most. I really believe that if your cryptocurrency is going to be successful, then it should be aiming to replace traditional fiat. I don’t plan on selling any of my crypto, I plan on using it to pay for goods and services in the future.

  3. ちょっとオースティン, に 2:35 you talk about securing crypto currencies and not leaving them on exchange. Every one gives this suggestion but it will be great if you can make a step by step walk through video of how to transfer coins from an exchange to a hardware wallet. That will definitely help a lot of newcomers like myself.

  4. ちょっとオースティン! Once again I must say that I fully agree with you. Nice video and just keep up! Looking forward for your next videos! 🙂 STP

  5. Another great video with excellent content . I would love to see a video on the expected upcoming crypto announcements over the next few months that will have major positive impacts in the space !
    Love your concise delivery which is vitally important for efficiency in daily time management. Your One of the best currently on utube with this

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