🔵Why XRP Will Make You Rich! But Ultimately Fail! 警告: JUST意見!




Ripple/XRP Official Website

Video: Ripple donates $4 million to Ellen DeGeneres charity, Ellen loves it. Ashton Kutcher, Guy Oseary

Ripple donates $4 million to Ellen DeGeneres charity, Ellen loves it. Ashton Kutcher, Guy Oseary

Video: Colbert Announces Big News From DonorsChoose.org/ Ripple XRP

Colbert Announces Big News From DonorsChoose.org

Webseries: The Ripple Drop – エピソード 13

The Ripple Drop – エピソード 13

1,000,000,000 XRP: Ripple Unlocks $442 Million in Crypto From Escrow

1,000,000,000 XRP: Ripple Unlocks $442 Million in Crypto From Escrow

Analyst Discovers That The ‘XRP Army’ is a Bunch of Bots

J.P. Morgan Creates Digital Coin for Payments

Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency: Bad for Privacy, Bad for Competition
Securities Lawsuit Against Ripple to Stay in Federal Court

JP Morgan Might Have Just Killed The Ripple XRP Dream

JP Morgan Might Have Just Killed The Ripple XRP Dream

Is Ripple A Scam?

Massive XRP Sentiment Shill Army Uncovered

Thailand bank has no plan to use XRP. Withdrawing their previous statement.

Research: Ripple has sold $890 million of XRP, 34% to exchanges

HTTPS://www.ledger.com?R = 4b0f6c5711dc

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🔵Why XRP Will Make You Rich! But Ultimately Fail! 警告: JUST意見!

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  1. I tune in everyday with you and your content is good but I disagree with you on this video but your opinion is noted. 💯

  2. ちょっとチーム! A certain subsect of the XRP Army is trying to bury this video! Do not let them silence my opinion! LIKE THIS VIDEO! 👍

  3. It seems as though there is a lack of knowledge about what XRP has done and that banks and financial institutions have already adopted Ripples Technology & Money Gram is going to be using XRP. No other crypto sits at the table with the IMF. It’s bigger than mere money transfer.
    Despite that I don’t ever know why there’s so much conflict it makes no difference we can all diversify our investments and for good reason we should, I am in BTC along with many others, one of those is XRP.

  4. No mention of Money Gram, Send Friend or the acceptance into New York City. Your opinion was pretty vague.

  5. 😀 you clearly don’t know much about xrpand also have a clear bias towards xrp. i really like your bitcoin videos though

  6. I don’t even like XRP that much but your arguments and evidence are weak. Why didn’t you debunk:
    Central Bank relationships
    200+ banking partnerships
    Corda settler R3
    US Faster payments task force
    IMF relationships
    SBI Bank
    XRP base pairs on Binance
    Interledger interoperability protocol.
    I mean it’s cool if you don’t like it but step your research game up.
    SEC Sued Canada based KIK, comment on why they haven’t sued San Francisco US based Ripple.
    How many global node operators does Ripple have? What about Ripple in India? I watch your videos often and I’m surprised and disappointed. Ethereum has been delaying Casper for 2 年. Cardano has no working product. BCash is a cloned fork. EOS has a centralized governance model. Litecoin is a impractical testnet. Stellar is an XRP knock off. I mean wtf????

  7. @Altcoin Daily Kibu’s appraisal of your appraisal of Ripple would suggest that you know more about what you’re talking about when it comes to XRP than Kibu realizes. LoL.

  8. This video was done in 2017 but he just got around to posting it lolI’m not apart of the XRP Army but you didn’t do any form or research or hit any key points of what Xrp is

  9. How about you argue a specific point. XRP is burned after every transaction. over time that means less supply and most likely a price increase. It was sold to the public without registering with the SEC. How is it not an unregistered security?

  10. XRP burns 10 drops for every transaction. がある 100 billion coins how long you think it’s gonna take to burn 1 billion coins? Do the math sir!

  11. It won’t harm to invest in everything. XRP is already being used in Asia. Japan and Philippines specifically and it will expand.

  12. @David Otero LOLyour grammer sux like your shitcoin!” It’s grammar not grammer and sucks not sux. If you’re going to pull someone up for grammar, make sure you can spell.

  13. はっきり, you are a hater mate so much misinformation you are spewing in this video when if you had done just a tiny bit of real research you could of educated your subscribers in a responsible manner and even might of gained a few more.

    I will pass because you have zero clue about XRP

  14. @Altcoin Daily you dont understand liquidity. an stable coin does not solve finacial system liquidity problem.

  15. XRP will make you a profit during the next bull run. But XRP will make you rich through use case NOT simple fomo

    Weak hands will sell at a small profit but these coins are made for HODL

  16. The channel name is “デイリーAltcoin
    and not Bitcoin Daily 😀 ! I think he is fishing for views and comments from alt holders 🙂 .

  17. @Raza Daza these fan boys are spouting out crap like $100 eoy, $50 and more silly prices

  18. Having an opposing opinion doesn’t make you ahater”. It just means you have a different view.

    さらに, “could ofis bad grammar. It should becould have”. You’re typingcould ofbecause when you speak, you hearcould ofwhen you saycould’ve”, which is a contraction ofcould have”. しかし “could ofis just the way sloppy ears hearcould’ve”.

    Clean it up, Gaz. The world is counting on you.

  19. @JamesThomas learn what click bait is. The title is perfectly in line with the content of the video.

  20. @Altcoin Daily If I am not mistaken these costs can be lowered if necessary. These burn costs are there to prevent things like D-DOS attacks. I recently saw a video or read somewhere that it will take hundreds of years to burnsome” XRP. Cant remember the numbers thoughThe conclusion was that it is a non issue.

  21. @Noobsaibot82 fine. しかしながら, the video had very little sound evidence for his claim even though it was just his opinion. I suppose if you enjoy seeing certain people get irritated then it was a great video, but don’t act like this was a quality argument. In fact his case demonstrated a very basic, limited understanding of what xrp is and can do.

  22. weird that this channel isn’t called bitcoin dailyit’s all about bitcoin not alt coins ;S

  23. @XRP-18k To be fair, it’s very difficult to prove a negative. 例えば, prove to me that leprechauns DO NOT exist. You can’t. You can only say that none have been found and recorded and publicized (proving a positive).

  24. You’re an idiot. Banks will never adopt something where a company controls 60% of the supply. They’re not in the business of getting dumped on like stupid retail investors.

  25. @pheh1ne UHD doesn’t hold XRP either, he spreads FUD across various YouTube videos, it’s really quite comical.

  26. @David Otero Hahahahahah what’s the matter little buddy, are you upset, do you want to cry? awwww, poor little David Otero.


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