🔵Wake Up! Bitcoin DOES NOT Have To Retrace! ここではなぜです! [Crypto Price/Time Market Analysis]


Bitcoin price does not have To retrace! There might not be a dip. ここではなぜです! [Crypto Price/Time Market Analysis]

Are YOU waiting for the drop? このビデオを見て. 以下のような. 申し込む.


🔴Bitcoin Could EASILY Drop to $4800 In The Next Few Weeks. I Am Still Bullish!

🔴Bitcoin Could EASILY Drop to $4800 In The Next Few Weeks. I Am Still Bullish!

Tweet: "What's sure is that in 1/2/3 年, buying/accumulating at 6k or 8k wouldn't make a difference"

Pomp Tweet: There are so many finance folks that are hiding Bitcoin.

Noon Tweet: $LTC its track record as an altcoin is kinda unassailable

Coinbase to add batched Bitcoin transactions

Night Ranger Sister Christian Parody: 暗号 – HODLIN'

Night Ranger Sister Christian Parody: 暗号 – HODLIN'

HTTPS://www.ledger.com?R = 4b0f6c5711dc

Coinbaseのためにサインアップ & 取得する $10 無料のビットコインで:

►BTC: 3DYCrB2RCrREM6y3Ahxxuv9JjSVd6yrbz4
►BTC: 3DYCrB2RCrREM6y3Ahxxuv9JjSVd6yrbz4


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🔵Wake Up! Bitcoin DOES NOT Have To Retrace! ここではなぜです! [Crypto Price/Time Market Analysis]

32 注釈

  1. Knowing the future takes the fun out of life. Living it and taking this bull by the hornsSo much more fun🐂🚀

  2. It’s such a shame that these ungrateful subs to Altcoin Daily are expecting him to talk about other things besides Bitcoin…..if he wanted to talk about altcoins the majority of the time it would be called Bitcoin Daily🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Congrats for reaching the 100,000 mark Aaron 😊👍🏼Keep up the good work my brother 😊
    I already regret that I didn’t invest a bit more in bitcoin when it was below 4k but now I am doing what I can.

  4. When i share bitcoin with my friends day laugh at me. I think they don’t understand the ecosystem :3

  5. BTC is the most interesting. You’re hearing from people about alts because everyone wants you to pump thier specific bags. But the one ‘bagwe all share is BTC, so you’re doing it right.

  6. あなたは、おそらく正しいです, but Bitcoin has been undervalued for years. Always be ready for any situation

  7. No doubt! I have zero trust in my ability to predict short term price swings, so I just kept buying bitcoin every payday. I got some of that 3200 dollar bitcoin but I also bought some of that 18000 dollar bitcoin. It all worked out though. I’m retired now (11 years early) at age 54. Bitcoin is only part of my retirement assets though. I have both conventional and crypto.

  8. Oh yes you made 100k sub as i told u to remember last year ( you will hit 100k faster than BTC)
    you already started cost averaging good move bro

  9. ビデオをありがとう, Aaronand the karaoke song at the end cracked me up! 😀 Great way to start the day.

  10. I loved the ending songHodlin'”!! Frickn funny. More of crypto stuff like that adds spice lol. Good job guys.

  11. I do not cost averagei took a credit 4 months ago and went FULL IN BITCOIN !! ;-D ;-D ;-D

  12. I would love to know the future.Give me the next weeks news today and i would be set for life.

  13. Amazing analysis! Y’all are the first channel I subscribe to correctly compare the types of consolidation patterns.


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