🔴WARNING: Bitcoin Could EASILY Drop to $4800 In The Next Few Weeks. I Am Still Bullish!


Bitcoin Could EASILY Drop to $4800 In The Next Few Weeks. Despite That, I Am Still Bullish!

CNBC: Facebook will reportedly announce cryptocurrency this month, allowing employees to take it as salary


Willy Woo Tweet:

Woobull Charts: Bitcoin Price Models

報告する: Facebook to Announce Cryptocurrency Project This Month

CNBC:Facebook will reportedly announce cryptocurrency this month, allowing employees to take it as salary

Tweet: Facebook will charge $10 million to run a GlobalCoin node. Bitcoin couldn't have asked for a more perfect foil.


Buy Bitcoin Privately: 4 Alternatives To LocalBitcoins

Binance to Reportedly Introduce Its Own Stablecoins ‘Within Two Months’

Think Tank Pushes for Creation of a National Cryptocurrency in Switzerland

Think Tank Pushes for Creation of a National Cryptocurrency in Switzerland

HTTPS://www.ledger.com?R = 4b0f6c5711dc

Coinbaseのためにサインアップ & 取得する $10 無料のビットコインで:

►BTC: 322bbZ7u2RdPwuAonT3v88yypbGZGi1CeR
►BTC: 322bbZ7u2RdPwuAonT3v88yypbGZGi1CeR


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🔴WARNING: Bitcoin Could EASILY Drop to $4800 In The Next Few Weeks. I Am Still Bullish!

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  2. 警告: Bitcoin could easily rise to $12,000. 今後数週間のうちに, I am still bullish.

  3. I see everyone on YT is predicting this same thing -> BTC price drop
    Usually this is good indicator to buy.

  4. I’m new to the channel. Impressive study, おとこ. Excellent material, strong, hard facts and numbers. Subscribed.

  5. Welcome to the team Alex! Use our channel as a starting off point for further research!

  6. ありがとうございました, All interesting, up down, up down, Patience, 🚀 Catch You on the Next one Aaron

  7. I like your tone very calm and clear. Where did you learn to speak that way? Or are you just a natural speaker :)?

  8. がんばり続ける. Good work as usual. Am putting some cash aside for this scenario. 🤞

  9. Mhmm bought that dip, tastes good 😉 The market resolution moves each week, so whatever your cost-average is, truly the price of BTC movesfastif you’re in every day. Hey @AltcoinDaily, didn’t you know the Ledger Nano X went on sale? I was surprised when I checked last night and it was in stock!

  10. Makes sense. Keeping a close watch will adjust position accordingly and keep accumulating

  11. Pretty unbiased channel. Kind of a call it like I see it approach. Make sure to ”好む”

  12. No usually what happens is it drops below the lowest expectation. Most Youtuber expect it to correct to ~$6k .. probably means we’re going to $4.5k

  13. I sold my stack on 26 四月, right after Bitcoin took that 10% nosedive, and people were saying then exactly the same thing that they are saying now. Thankfully I bought back again after BTC climbed back up to where it was, but I could have easily missed the run. I’ll never make that mistake again, and I sure as hell aint making it now. Long term TA is pseudoscience. Nobody knows if BTC is going up down or in circles in the medium or long term based on chart reading and star gazing. All these analysts have been wrong time and time again when it matters most. Just buy and hold people. Be patient. It’s not rocket science.

  14. No one predicted the market to date. The December all time low and now this rallyI’m hoping for a massive correction to accumulate more. I agree with Altcoin Daily’s previous market analysis. We’re definitely due a correction and then higher lows moving up in increments. We’re not in full on bull mode yet

  15. K C he’s human, I guess. He leaves good advice though. And his testemony gives it good background.

  16. @Frogger 251 because chart reader and triangle drawers were so accurate with the bull move or any move..lol

  17. Me too then I could possibly have a full BTC by then or hopefully in 2 months if it stays under 10K. I’ve been living check to check but throwing some savings here & there in my BTC account every time it goes red & it’s been a hell of a savings account at this point my goodness ! The more I invest the less it fees like living check to check !

  18. @K C Due for correction??? Are you okay bro???? Is been so many correction !!!! We going to move up!!!

  19. Unlikely. Wall street is blasting in. And I don’t believe we ever had a 50% pull back in a bull market. A bounce at 6k is all you might possibly get, but probably not even that. I’m a hodler myself though. I don’t plan to cash in any btc till december of 2020.

  20. This is the best video I’ve seen of yours to date. Awesome content and you explained your views well and backed them up with facts. よくやった

  21. When it comes down to making money from binary trading,it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to learning and when i say learning, i do not mean watching tutorials or articles, there are many indices these tutorials wont tell you or your average trader wont even be aware of. to be honest, my best advice to an inexperienced person is to get a professional to help you. you will lose money on your own FACT

  22. If you keep your BITCOIN for a long time, you will have an excellent reward in the near future. Big mistake when you sell your BITCOIN because of fear. Just remember that greedy investors use different tactics to make the price goes down so when you panic and sell that is when they buy more BITCOIN at a cheaper price because they know that will grow higher .A bright future for BITCOIN which is the best performer asset among different markets is approaching. You as an investor must have at least a fraction of bitcoin in your portfolio.My only advice for investors and newbIes is to take advantage of Mr Rupica’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 2.7btc to 9btc in just 3wks. You can reach him on rupicapuri05@gmail. com or Telegram @rupicapuri.

  23. Bought today’s dip. I still think we will will hit 10k first. Then drop down a lot. Hopefully above 6k.

  24. Rupica, my respect for him is beyond words. Since I’ve started following his steps on the daily, he has been helping me transform into a real profitable trader and a more patient person. My risk management has increased a lot! The way He explains everything is simply awesome. Because of you, I’ve only had 1 losing trade in the last months and made over $3000 today alone. 良い仕事を続けてください, おとこ! See you in the next one!!!


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