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🔥 New Kids On The Blockchain chat all things Monero and privacy with Diego 'rehrar' Salazar as they continue for their quest for knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency technology!

We discuss:

✔️All things Monero and the importance of privacy coins
✔️Fungibility of coins, what this means and why it is important
✔️Taking back control of your data!
✔️What is Monero up to now?


🎶🎵Music by http://www.bensound.com

❎NB. ここで共有すべての情報は情報だけのためのものであり、金融​​アドバイスの任意の種類と考えるべきではありません. 常に独自の研究を行います.

➕Don't forget to email us at lisa@newkidsontheblockchain.com with any suggestions of what you want us to chat about! It could be ANYTHING from ICOs, to cryptocurrencies, ビットコイン, イーサリアム, cryptonews, data protection + もっと! 👍


NB. ここで共有すべての情報は情報だけのためのものであり、金融​​アドバイスの任意の種類と考えるべきではありません. 常に独自の研究を行います.

🔥MoneroPrivacy Coin Crypto News! 🔥 blockchain technology

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  1. thanks very much. please share as we need this content out there, its hard to get people to care at the moment. Diego was super informed and a really nice guy

  2. Tough time to build a channel but you two are honing your skills nicely and your channel will be busy on the next bull run. I did share it with one other. The people I know don’t think much of crypto. They don’t understand the importance. We are facing a monetary disaster and they don’t see it. Too much normalcy bias.

  3. thanks very much. appreciate the feedback. we are working really hard to create intelligent and engaging content so its nice to hear. lots more good stuff coming so please do subscribe 🙂

  4. great talk! have you guys looked into safex yet ? it’s a privacy based marketplace which is actually forked off from monero. super interesting concept imo. would be great if you could get daniel dabek on the show for an interview, he’s the founder of safex.

  5. thanks very much 🙂 trying to provide quality content and build an engaged subs base of smart blockchain peeps

  6. Monero is fantastic, still very undervalued. Also take a look at Masari who fits perfect in the Monero space. It will be the Litecoin to Monero. It is recognized by Fluffyppony from Monero as a great contributor

  7. Hey nice video.
    Im looking into Ignition coin $ic (cryptopia) and dstra $dst (crex24) 現時点では. both are extrem cheap and no ico or premine.
    both possible to stake. check them out 🙂


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