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🔥 New Kids On The Blockchain chat all things PRIVACY COINS with Joshua from Cloakcoin as they continue for their quest for knowledge about blockchain technology!

We discuss:
✔️All things CloakCoin and the importance of privacy coins
✔️Taking back control of your data!
✔️What is ClockCoin up to now?


🎶🎵Music by http://www.bensound.com

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➕Don't forget to email us at lisa@newkidsontheblockchain.com with any suggestions of what you want us to chat about! It could be ANYTHING from ICOs, to cryptocurrencies, ビットコイン, イーサリアム, cryptonews, data protection + もっと! 👍

🔥CloakCoinPrivacy Coin Crypto News! 🔥blockchain technology

25 注釈

  1. I have got a small bag of cloak as there’s enough room for more than one privacy coin but I think horizen (formerly zencash) is the future more of a privacy platform just over a year old with more nodes running than btc or eth

  2. Richard Fletcher Privacy coins are a very interesting space at the moment

  3. When I mention “Jeremy Brandeis” I actually meant “Jeremy Bentham”sorry guys! 😅

  4. Had been a VERY long day. Thanks so much for having me on the show you two! あなたの仕事を愛し. 🕺🏼💃🏽

  5. Good video guys. I’m a fan of CLOAK. It’s the Monero that most people haven’t heard about yet 🙂 I subscribed to get you to 11k 🙂

  6. Awesome interview guys. I’ll have to have a look into cloakcoin. Great to see a fellow Aussie in the space.

  7. Joshua Marriage mate, a real pleasure. let’s stay in touch as love what you guys are doing!

  8. thanks very much. Hope you liked it enough to like and subscribe 😉

  9. I have a Clak wallet and tried to stake but it does not work. I thought that every one Cloak Coin is rewarded with 6% but it does not work this way. You realy have to own a substantial amount of coins to get something.

  10. Great interview guys. Can you do more on privacy coins. LOVE Cloakcoin


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