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58 注釈

  1. I think everyone in the space has experienced what Omar experienced at some point or another.

  2. I got my first cold storage coin last week, it’s a brilliant way to hold !

  3. (just like everything inside this industry 😀 😀 ) just sayin!

  4. more storries like this guys! i cant imagine you bore us but just to let you know such talks are the way to go for this channel!

  5. never stop expaning guys! there will be lambo giveaways you know its all coming <3

  6. btw i could listen to this guys telling any storry and i would be like yeah well thats something

  7. i can listen this dude saying any crazy stuff and i am just like DAMN I LOVE YOU MAN XD

  8. guys we are staring the new hshtag #teambuddy 😀 😀 shots of the community already fired! the crpytoppl have spoken

  9. the future have arrived 😀 in a very weird formanyways 😀 its chilling that your viewers are in general doing fine and enjoy your stuff!

  10. i absolutely admire your work for the community! your efforts will resonate for generations of investors #welldone

  11. はい! the community is gratefuland as we saw in the comment sectionalive and ready!

  12. Great video! 非常に有益. I just started looking into ICO and found your video very helpful. If you are taking suggestions for you next reviews, I would love your opinion on SciDex.

  13. great thanks will check them out 🙂 please subscribe and like and share 🙂 trying to grow an audience

  14. think new platform. DLT based with supposedly amazing scaling ability


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