Will Bitcoin Cash (BCH / BTC) Crash Again?! – Crypto Analisi Tecnica del mercato & criptovaluta Notizie

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Will Bitcoin Cash (BCH / BTC) crash again?! Let's discuss this upcoming fork and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + current market news on today's video!

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disconoscimento: Il contenuto coperto in questo video / live stream NON è un consiglio di investimento. Io non sono un consulente finanziario. Questi sono solo mie opinioni personali, idee, grafici, analisi tecnica (TA), approfondimenti, news e le previsioni di prezzo. Sempre fare la propria ricerca e solo investono unicamente in base alle proprie conclusioni e giudizi personali. Decidere di investire e / o comprare Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and/or any other type of cryptocurrency or altcoin is extremely high risk and the market can crash at any time! Questo video / streaming live è puramente per scopi di intrattenimento!

Will Bitcoin Cash (BCH / BTC) Crash Again?! – Crypto Analisi Tecnica del mercato & criptovaluta Notizie

22 Commenti

  1. Bcash for the crash! Moon the thumbs-up if you agree. All thumbs down are bch hodlers/moon boys. haha

  2. Kirby, I always admire you when you said almost every coin are justPURE Speculationwith no realintrinsic valuein it. It shows that you have a knowledge of an intelligent investor, not just a trader 🙂
    I think now XRP have real intrinsic value and huge use case, so I think doing long-term investment for XRP might be a good idea of value-investment and also for THE SAKE of cryto industry that we all love as well. Giving some great potential coins to grow will be a merit for an industry. —— And yeah, POOP-coin deserve to be PUMP and DUMP!!!

  3. Ok kirby i lost the bitcoin cash has fallen to zero with no value at all.
    I also believe and learned that even bitcoin can go to zero with similar network destruction.

  4. you think bitcoin still recover? or well expect that it goes more lower this yeari still have some btc and im planning to purchase more since its stil cheaper but im worried if it crashed more. (sorry my english not tht good)

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