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BITCOIN OGGI: in questo video, I'll go through the Bitcoin news today & I'll make a Bitcoin price analysis. Le notizie di BTC & l'analisi può essere d'ispirazione per il tuo trading o investimento di Bitcoin, ma NON è un consiglio finanziario. Su questo canale, La luna, ho fatto 1 video ogni singolo giorno sulle notizie criptate & Bitcoin. I'll always include professional Bitcoin technical analysis, fare una previsione del prezzo Bitcoin, and I'll also show you the most relevant news for Bitcoin investing & commercio. Per favore iscriviti se sei un hodler Bitcoin, e lascia un pollice in su per supportare i miei video gratuiti!

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⏰ Timestamp ⏰
0:00 Intro | Bitcoin Notizie
1:07 Previsione Bitcoin Prezzo
2:15 Lebanese Lira COLLAPSING!
3:20 Gold Mining Stocks
3:41 BlockFi 7,000 New Users!
4:46 BULLISH SIGN: Start Of The Bull Run!?

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Carl Eric Martin (La luna)


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35 Commenti

  1. Hey Carl, if you look a the CME chart you can see a spike in volume. Grazie per la condivisione!

  2. Hey Carl, can you help me debunk some fud around the quantum computers? It seems that in 5 a 10 years these quantum computers could crack the cryptographic algorithms that keep wallets safe. Is there anything that can be done to improve the security of wallets as these super computers become “più intelligente”? Grazie

  3. Other people after clicking on Moon’s video: _Watches the video_

    Me after clicking on Moon’s video: _Imitating_ *In thiiiiiissssss viideooo*

  4. I can’t imagine what you’re going through now because of someone who claims to be an expert

  5. Hey carl i love youre technical analysis theyre always spot on! I got curious on blockfi do you think you can make a video explaining more about it?? Stay safe

  6. Quantum computers are not SciFi. They have been around for years, just no one had figured out how to program something that is both a 1 & 0, but neither a 1 o 0 at the same time. L'anno scorso, I read a university paper that expressed a rotating code model, whereas binary is more linear. A young woman had figured a foundation for q-code out. This research led to information that two quantum computers were currently running on the Blockchain and doing quite well. Saw pics of the units running in separate room in large farms.

  7. Quantum computers are designed to complete specific calculations which means that it is possible to create quantum resistant cryptos or perhaps implement a soft fork to make Bitcoin quantum resistant if enough miners agree. Quantum resistance is already being worked on by the Cardano project. Also the only known (working) quantum computer in the world right now is owned by Google so there’s no incentive for them to attack Bitcoin, in fact they would make a fortune if they used that power to mine Bitcoin. That’s about as much as I know.

  8. Josh Gunn I believe that bitcoin is already quantum resistant. But what the OP is asking is about how wallets can be secure against quantum computers. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

  9. From the 1st cycle to the second the wave got higher so maybe it will need to get even higher in the current cycle but still bullish indicator

  10. The moon and crypto Zombie are the 2 stupidest crypto channels there is. And in close third place its Tone Vayses channel.

  11. Carl, che cosa % of your bitcoin would you recommend putting into blockfi? Hard to know whether to do 50% o 10%

  12. Longterm we all know that bitcoint will reach 20K again at most, but more important is the short term point of view.

  13. I hope guys you didn’t set that trade with stop loss at 9150 because right after the video we went to 8900I didn’t set the stoploss so my trade is still waiting to get back up. You know whay I didn’t set a stoploss? Because the exchange bots are watching

  14. grazie Carl, as soon as you posted the video I opened a short scalp and made huge profit, we have to follow you but in opposite direction, I wait for your vidoes to open my trade in opposite direction. Well done as usual.

  15. I just wanted to learn English by watching and listening some videos and found this chanel and now look at me I’m hodling Bitcoin in my wallet and doing day trading in BinanceWho’d have thought it? 😅

  16. I will always day trade and capitalize on my short term gains. I tried to learn how to trade the hard way but i was unsuccessful until Douglas Murray came and showed me the right way to day trade

  17. I will always day trade and capitalize on my short term gains. I tried to learn how to trade the hard way but i was unsuccessful until Douglas Murray came and showed me the right way to day trade

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