Oh mio Dio!! Bitcoin impazzendo!! | secondo aggiornamento!! | Dov'è The Top? $8,000, $9,444, $11,000?!!

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Analisi Tecnica Bitcoin & Bitcoin Notizie Oggi: The Bitcoin price is going up today on a huge bull run. Anche, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. guarda il video per saperne di più!

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Oh mio Dio!! Bitcoin impazzendo!! | secondo aggiornamento!! | Where's The Top? $8,000, $9,444, $11,000?!!

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Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

44 Commenti

  1. That’s what I like about BTC, TA becomes irrelevant when FOMO start. Everyone is panicking and willing to buy at any price

  2. Lost all respect for crypto crew/Steven Courtney. Youre back as my #1. While Steven Courtney is on abreak”, Moon is putting out multi vids per day or at least one per. Thanks for being there for us during this most crucial time!

  3. I can’t hardly wait for your video when btc will hit 100k for the first time 😉
    Mantenere il buon lavoro! 👍

  4. If btc reaches 10k + i think we can get a 3rd video 🙂 I wonder if extraordinary times come where even 4 vids a day are nessesary!

  5. Manual Souza, do you understand what an investment is?? You use you job money to invest. Most of these ppl likely have jobs. Maybe what you meant was invest in something better? You really shouldnt bother yourself with other ppls investments. Not really your business buddy =)

  6. si, I was not feeling good about his video commentsunlike ANY others on YouTubeno discussion of price or crypto or banter, appena 100% worshipping Steve. Then a couple of other youtubers came out with videos pointing out how he misrepresented overrated courses & used bots on his channel counts / Commenti, ie ripping people off. Also he is dogmatic about TA and how TA only is the way. Thus he now has to hide from reality. What a prick!

  7. +Outerflesh Entertainment well this youtuber is clearly misleading so many new investors. Btc is driven by greed and fear. Any sane person wouldn’t invest in it. Its just burning your money. Instead invest in stocks, immobiliare

  8. 9600 può essere . I listen to guy that’s called this from the start when everyone said btc won’t get above 4200. Even I didn’t believe him because everyone said btc to 1500 . Well moon I like you brother but take a look at crypto savvy you will be shocked how accurate this guy has been . Mind you I did see bo polny putting a vid out saying 3k or 7k well even he called it and that was a month ago.

  9. Yeah I think crypt0 called that number. But I will just watch with patience like I did through 2017 2018 adesso 2019. If bitcoin moves this fast then probably at 20k before we no it. Yeah 100k y not I can live with that. But if the btc make 100k by end of year well it only has to 10x over the following 3 years 😉

  10. carl vs sunny decree
    which one has more bitcoin?
    place you’re bets
    I go with the moon guy, with a portfolio difference of at least 15%

  11. hey dude! DASH is a Strong Buy according to Investingcom technical analysis. sì, the cryptocurrency called DASH Digital Cash is the best option; Dash is most scarce crypto in top 20 with 8.8M coins available of 18.9M total supply.

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