Bitcoin Moving!! Ripple Surging 87% & SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF To December?! What Is Happening??

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Analisi Tecnica Bitcoin & Bitcoin Notizie Oggi: The Bitcoin price has moved up. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I'll also take a look at Ripple (XRP), becaise the Ripple price has surged, and I'll do some Ripple (XRP) analisi tecnica. inoltre, the ETF news is that the SEC delays the ETF to December, and if you want to know the exact date, watch the video!

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0:59 Analisi Tecnica Bitcoin
10:39 ETF Notizie
17:43 Ripple Technical Analysis

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Bitcoin Moving!! Ripple Surging 87% & SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF To December?! What Is Happening??

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  1. love you, Carl.
    hoping to be learning with you years ahead an possibly giving back some doors for synergy

  2. Rolled over in bed, checked CoinMarketCap, and smiled. Feels like Christmas morning guys! Careful of a correction, but also enjoy it while it lasts 😉

  3. Ironically, I added to XRP position last week as a hedge to my large XLM position!!!
    Looks like XRPhas legsfor another double.

  4. Nice to see the XRP hoover around $0,47 on your video while a few hours later (when I am watching) it is around $ 0,67!! 🙂

  5. Remember pass month….Bear market…. And remember Dec 2017 went we reach 900B so surely we will continue to rise and reach 1T in Dec 2018 fiduciosamente

  6. For everyone that registers with that link. Carl gets $25. Help support carl and register so we can keep getting outstanding TA 😉

  7. Great video but allow me give some accolades to Mr Joseph one of the best cyrypto currency trader.

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