Bitcoin $ 7K ha confermato correre a 10K?! -DIRETTA Analisi Trading Crypto & BTC Notizie criptovaluta Prezzo

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Is the Bitcoin (BTC) price breaking $7K a confirmation for a run to $10K, secondo me?! Let's discuss this live today and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + attuale 2019 notizie di mercato e l'azione dei prezzi + prediction on cryptos in today's video/live stream!

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disconoscimento: Il contenuto coperto in questo video / live stream NON è un consiglio di investimento. Io non sono un consulente finanziario. Questi sono solo mie opinioni personali, idee, grafici, analisi tecnica (TA), approfondimenti, pubblicazioni di notizie a cura e la previsione dei prezzi(S) per 2019 e oltre. Sempre fare la propria ricerca e solo investono unicamente in base alle proprie conclusioni e giudizi personali. Trading e / o investire in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) o qualsiasi altro tipo di criptovaluta o altcoin è estremamente alto rischio e il mercato + prezzo di qualsiasi bene può andare in crash in qualsiasi momento! Cryptos sono incredibilmente volatili! Si dovrebbe sempre consultare un consulente finanziario professionista prima di investire o di negoziazione qualsiasi bene / prodotto / etc. Questo video / streaming live è puramente per scopi di intrattenimento! —

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Bitcoin $7K HAS CONFIRMED RUN TO 10K?! -DIRETTA Analisi Trading Crypto & BTC Notizie criptovaluta Prezzo

45 Commenti

  1. Daily RSI is as high as the ’17 final bull run around 90.
    A correction inevitable before 10k or maybe even 8k.

  2. I can only find one explanation for this savage parabolic move: some entities are dumping huge amounts of Tether into the market, like hot potatoes. This makes me seriously worried.

  3. Yeah I just saw Moonboy Montgomery speeding helmetless out of REKT city on a motorbike like a bat out of hell. He had a big smile on his face and flies in his teeth. I yelled out “where’s Sally?” and he yelled back “I left her in REKT city. The picnic’s off, gotta get my helmet, I’m going to the moooon!!!!”

  4. Not so quick Kirby, we have the following hurdles to overcome

    = Possible unravelling of Bitfinex/Tether financial fiasco, this has potential to take us down to double bottom

    = Imminent payments of Mt Gox hack victims, at these prices some might be tempted to dump on the market as they bought at very low prices

    If these two do not materialise, we’re good, if they do we are in for a NASTY suprise, under 3k Bitcoin for June to Aug 2019 then real bull run starts Sept 2019 to +80k Bitcoin

    Just my humble opinions.

  5. There has been no BTFD opportunity to buy. I still have my HODL position, but I’ve missed this run. Hope I have the discipline to not FOMO in.

  6. Deathhiko stoch rsi is very complicated. The weekly stoch sri been overbought since first week of march.
    We could see 9500, follow by a +30%, then alts season will start

  7. Deathhiko I’m confused because when bitcoin went from 4k to 5k, everyone said correction to 4300Then we hit 6k and everyone said correction back to 5200-5400, then we shot to 6500 and I saw people saying “be careful we’re due for a correction coming soon” and now we hit $7500 and hovering around 7000-7300. I think we’re on our way to 9k

  8. Yeah the fact that the whole Bitfinex-Tether fiasco did not hold any weight to Bitcoin’s price seems incredibly manipulated

  9. deep down into the crypto abyss we go, I was super bullish but as of right now I see a turnaround.

  10. Not to mention you can’t withdraw from the biggest exchange on the planet to take any fiat profits

  11. Forgetaboutttttt chicken wings……Steak & Lobster for dinner Kirby!🦐🦀🥩🤑🌔🚀

  12. Or maybe it’s the imminent institutional money, or the regulation that said institutions KNOW is imminent, or the ridiculous fledgling value of USD seeking out another store of valuemaybe those things, and not inconsequential Tether?

  13. I spoke to James and Joe and they do not agree with me. They are pretty upset with my opinion because I believe we are about to find out what goes up must come down. My thought process is down to earth not like moonboy Montgomery and the others. IMO this is NOT a time to FOMO in this is a time to observe and be patient. This is all to unstable for me to act on and for that reason I am on the sidelines watching and learning. I have my HODL Game coins in a cold place as my trading funds are tucked away. I am no pro and I am not rich so right now I am watching and learning. I think we might be in for a big dump and if we dump then and only they will I strike like a garden snake 🐍 with my minimal funds and try to act like my hero Crypto Kirby and get these coins. 😂🤪👍

  14. B wave up to squeeze shorts, another epic drop will bring this bubble under 2k(usually 1/10 of the bubble)

  15. @J L $6K is BTC new support. “Per technical analysis, what was once resistant, is now support (vice versa).”


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