Are The Bitcoin (BTC) Bulls Back In Control?! – Trading Crypto & Cryptocurrency Price News

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Are the Bitcoin (BTC) bulls back in controll?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading analysis + current news topics on today's video!

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disconoscimento: Il contenuto coperto in questo video / live stream NON è un consiglio di investimento. Io non sono un consulente finanziario. Questi sono solo mie opinioni personali, idee, grafici, analisi tecnica, approfondimenti, news e le previsioni di prezzo. Sempre fare la propria ricerca e solo investono unicamente in base alle proprie conclusioni e giudizi personali. Decidere di investire e / o comprare Bitcoin (BTC) or any other type of cryptocurrency is extremely high risk and can crash at any time! Questo video / streaming live è puramente per scopi di intrattenimento!

Are The Bitcoin (BTC) Bulls Back In Control?! – Trading Crypto & Cryptocurrency Price News

24 Commenti

  1. You are on freaking roll today. I am dying laughing with your voices! You are right Kirbs
    .. sell now or get burnt!

  2. Moon Boys gonna be moon boys, Bears gonna be bears. Often the comments take peoples views to the extreme. You can’t truly pay too much attention to how biplar the comments are in these markets.

  3. There is hardly any bullish volume either..soooooooi would assume the price would drop whether the news of ETF gets approved or gets delayed….kinda lose lose situation

  4. Kirby I am waiting for Plus 120%, Più 80%, Più 55%, Pah Pah Pahh !! LMAO

    Its been a while we haven’t been on a nice upward trend. Especially with the Alts

  5. What’s the future of Bitcoin ETF and the bull run? Is it still advisable to trade?

  6. How long have you been trading?
    Well the CBOE ETF was rumored to be approved this August, but once again it’s been delayed till September.
    Then the Winklevoss twins predicted price of BTC next year to reach $100k,so a Bull run may come late this year, to early next year.

  7. Thanks for the insight. I’ve not really been trading. I’m in need of a Trade Expert.

  8. I’ll recommend a Trade Expert for you,Ben Fredrick because Higher return rate, going up to 100%-150% or even higher in some cases.
    Also the use of early closure feature, which will save your profit from dropping and minimize the losses. A useful feature in the case of volatile asset movements.
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