☠️ LIVELLO DI DOOM per Bitcoin (BTC) in 2019?! – Analisi di mercato Crypto Trading & criptovaluta Notizie

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Is this the level of doom for Bitcoin (BTC) in 2019?! Let's discuss this 2019 outlook and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + current market news on cryptos in today's video!

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disconoscimento: Il contenuto coperto in questo video / live stream NON è un consiglio di investimento. Io non sono un consulente finanziario. Questi sono solo mie opinioni personali, idee, grafici, analisi tecnica (TA), approfondimenti, news e le previsioni di prezzo. Sempre fare la propria ricerca e solo investono unicamente in base alle proprie conclusioni e giudizi personali. Trading e / o investire in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) o qualsiasi altro tipo di criptovaluta o altcoin è estremamente alto rischio e il mercato può andare in crash in qualsiasi momento! Cryptos sono incredibilmente volatili! Questo video / streaming live è puramente per scopi di intrattenimento!

☠️ LIVELLO DI DOOM per Bitcoin (BTC) in 2019?! – Analisi di mercato Crypto Trading & criptovaluta Notizie

44 Commenti

  1. why do all your videos (which are great btw) always come out in 360p and I have to wait ususally 20-30 mins before i can view at 720 o 1080???

  2. Woohoo chook wings for din dins eh? Oh yeh baby! Let’s get those wings! Absolutely foul!

  3. To all you folks talking about video quality, it takes YouTube some time to upgrade quality. When kirbs releases a video, just listen to his Yoda like wisdom, and if you need better quality, watch again after a few minutes past so video quality can process. Jeesh.

  4. Hummmmmmm / the Silver Chart is very similar to the Bitcoin Chart / that’s because the same institutions are manipulating it! Probably using the same dam algorithm to do it too. We got paper Gold, paper Silver and yes, paper Bitcoinnot good! If you’re not a trader then be sure to take possession of the physical PM and get your crypto keys off the exchanges / if you can’t touch it you don’t own it.

  5. Woulden’t that be interesting if Silver becomes a leading indicator of Bitcoinwe would make a killing.

  6. Kirbs, my wife now says “James at the water cooler” after overhearing me listen to your videos every night! lol

  7. Grazie, Kirby. Appreciate your videos updates. Like how you incorporate the fed, mercato azionario, and crypto.

  8. +Andres Luna it feels that way sometimes, the crappy adsl service from century link is my only option. But it only does this (360p) with Kirby’s videos, no others on YouTube I’m subscribed to.

  9. Ha ha and XRP is completing a Head and Shoulders pattern. Huge downside potential if neckline breaks.

  10. haha! My girl said to me the other day. “are you getting that crypto James, are you getting that Crypto Joe!”

  11. haha…same here, my 3 yr old son is saying it on repeatbtw we are swissso it sounds very funny😁

  12. This is probably due to you streaming from a mobile device on cell data . I would switch to WiFi or you can change the video quality to a higher res manually

  13. +OC PHONE GEEKS I’m watching from my desktop with a very strong WiFi connection, not my mobile device.

  14. That’s how YouTube works now. Maybe if you have a huge amount of subs they give you priority status, or maybe there’s some way around it (publish to private, then make public? Idk)

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