Wanchain – Privacy Comes to AsiaPresident Dustin Byington Interview

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I catch up with Wanchain President Dustin Byington and we discuss privacy and why Wanchain is in Asia.

Please note that this is NOT a sponsored interview.

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Wanchain – Privacy Comes to AsiaPresident Dustin Byington Interview

34 Commenti

  1. Dustin and Jack yeah the whole team are absolutely pros and I have no doubt that this company will have a lot of success.

  2. There’s a big fan club for Wan, will be interesting to watch it. Great interview/questions. I liked this guy. Thanks much. 🙂 Glad it listed on Binance.

  3. Excellent interview Lark and perfect timing as well with Wanchain just being listed on Binance. It’s been a crazy day already with Wanchain and Icon going head to head like a heavyweight crypto boxing match. Exciting stuff.

  4. Lol I’ve already put a but order on Binancebut looks like it will never be filledI don’t see the price coming back down 🙁

  5. COLX will be the privacy coin of the next 2 anni. Today it got put on Cryptopia. Get a bag before the whitepaper comes out, same team as privx, back a winner

  6. Dont worry brotherhere is a tipjust think that WAN is not listed, go back and check the price 2-3 days later. 🙂

  7. Great interview, hope to get to the next Token 2049 myself some day, if there is one ; ) – Just after Wanchain got listed on Binance, I decided to have a closer look! Privacy coins & builders make up like 90% of my portfolio!

  8. The privacy coin could have a brilliant success later after more centralised control of cryptocurrencies, I am start to looking for some undervalued new privacy coins like Navcoin, Deeponion, NEO. I believe the Wanchain could also be involved into my profilo.

  9. Great interview Lark! I really like the idea of index coins. I am mainly interested in platforms so an index to track them would be excellent!

  10. maybe that’s cool thing to take a look, I’m living now in asia if these coins Wanchain, Navcoin and Deeponion etc; guaranteed my privacy to make my future financial safe and secured then its about time for me to invest for this category, knowing that its all undervalued at this moment 🙂 thanks for video and good recommendation, i’m gonna look an to it especially DeepOnion such a unique name !! see you on exchanges Wanchain!

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