Think BITCOIN Is A BUBBLE? You NEED To SEE THIS NOW! BTC Nostradamus Says Keep EYES On BTC AUG. 12esimo

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Think BITCOIN Is A BUBBLE? You NEED To SEE THIS NOW! BTC Nostradamus Says Keep EYES On BTC AUG. 12esimo

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  3. I subscribe into his channel it is all because , I find him honest and straight forward..

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  5. Hmmmm, I just sent him a message , am so tired of the slow profits i make from Binance and Gdax .

  6. @TechCashHouse I would like to correct you. Bitcoin drop is value is a misstatement. The only thing that dropped was bitcoin’s exchange rate to fiat, whereas the value of Bitcointhe cumulative proof of work kept increasing all the time (each mined block adds chainwork to the Bitcoin block chain, and with each block added to the Bitcoin blockchain Bitcoin becomes more valuable, because some miners nevertheless chose to use the energy that they could have used for something else to mine Bitcoin).

    It is not utility or the supply of something that actually gives something value, it is the amount of work done to produce something that attaches relative value to it to the other things. Per questa ragione, a lot of alts including Bitcoin forks (even with the same characteristics as Bitcoin), never come even close to Bitcoin in terms of work required to get them (and market is simply anticipating that and correcting itself rightly so by allocating more stored energy in terms of fiat moneyfor which people currently work for). There are lots of things that have much greater utility than Bitcoin or Gold (for example food, clothes, water, air), but that does not make them more valuable to Bitcoin or Gold, simply because you can produce more of them whenever you wish to by putting in only a miniscule of relative work (using energy either from the sun, the earth, or via electricity for which work is initially done by mining coal, natural gas, olio, wind, air).

    For this very reason eventually Gold will be worthless in comparison to Bitcoin (because Game Theory ensures that people will continue to mine Bitcoins and with each halving, people will gravitate towards increasing their hash power and by correlation energy usage to get same or more Bitcoins, which by correlation means energy required to mine each Bitcoin via adding blocks to Blockchain will keep going up exponentially). Infact if you look Gold’s chart over the period of last 100+ anni (not linear but exponential), you’ll notice the same exponential rise as that of Bitcoin (because it also becomes harder to mine Gold, but since Gold’s supply can still be increased by putting in more energy, Bitcoin halves that supply every 4 anni), because of which the exponential nature of Bitcoin exchange rate graph is actually contracted by orders of magnitude. Keeping in mind that energy in the whole universe is constant (thank you Einstein), and that it can only be converted from one form to the other, we are merely converting energy from other sources and storing it in the form of Potential + Kinetic Energy of Bitcoin (Potential energy being the number of nodes in the Bitcoin network that are full nodes and the Kinetic energy being the transactions broadcasted on the network, which is why number of transactions as they increase the impact on the network value is even greater because it increases the rewards for the miners and motivates more miners to join).

    The Tulip bubble mania, had one important characteristic to separate it from Bitcoin and Goldthat the work required to produce more tulips never had an exponential relationship (as in case of Bitcoin) and that to produce each additional Tulip (via Industrialization) the work required to be done would drop exponentially. That is why Tulip exchange rates dropped, not because people now are any smarter than people back in 1600’s (with respect to their understanding on how energy works) or that Tulips had no intrinsic value.

    Measuring something like stock to flow ratio is merely an abstraction of everything that I said above (the amount of work required to be done to get additional amount of a thing). Game Theory dictates rational actors will always try to increase the supply when the amount of stored energy (savings) or debt (work done borrowed from future) exchanged in the form of fiat (which is merely used as a storage and exchange medium for this work done) is more than the energy required to produce more of something.

    Humans will be severely shocked to see in next 5 years how Bitcoin’s exponential relationships workthe magic of exponential Math.

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