Theta Token – Content Distribution on the Blockchain

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Mitch Liu from Theta Token and I discuss content distribution on the blockchain, masternodes, partnerships, media, and much more.

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Theta Token – Content Distribution on the Blockchain

27 Commenti

  1. I didn’t know much abt Theta before your vid. Thx for asking questions re: censorship/content etc. Another awesome Lark interview.

  2. Bought a lot of Theta a while ago based on the team and what their goals are. Hopefully they come through. Looks like an awesome project. Allodola, you have the best interviews. Not too heavy and over people’s heads, but still technical enough to understand what sets them apart / use cases. Anche, appreciate how you have your questions prepared and keep it succinct. So many other crypto interviewers just wander in their conversations, and it goes on forever without a lot of real substance. Appreciate you man!

  3. Another great video Lark. I’ll keep saying this, you have to be one of the most dedicated and thorough Youtuber’s out there when it comes to this space.

  4. Thanks for doing this interview. I’ve been accumulating theta for a while now. I think this project will be huge long term!

  5. not even a competitorbut a infrastructure that the youtubes of this world can build upon as a platformlooks very interesting !!! PS. Great interview Lark !!!

  6. Crypto Lark!!! What’s up my dude?!!! Thanks for the shout out the other day!!! Love your content, keep up the great work sir!! Because of people like you, crypto will continue to grow.

  7. I’d like to throw this out there- integration of THETA into the education system, be it high school or college. Va bene, let’s include elementary and middle school so as not to leave them out. Video streaming coming from the brightest minds in education. They are out there waiting to unleash their knowledge via video. I taught at the college level and used YouTube quite a bit to expand on ideas not normally taught. I can report that students walked away from classes with their eyes wide open to really think on things.

  8. Thomas SI’m retired, nothing to do with him. I have mixed feelings about his predictions, much remains to be seen. I take the info in and process it. Glad it’s worked out well for you.

  9. si, I sunk money in with the goal of not having to worry about making ends meet rather than becoming wealthy. I’m along for the ride right now and will use cryptos only if I have to. I think we are witness to something in the financial world that will change everything and that the millennials have something to cheer over.

  10. Go to Huobi and sign up. I did it no problemo. It helps to have a coinbase account to buy LTC, Bitcoin Cash or whatever and send to Huobi. From there you exchange for cash and buy whatever you want. I’ve bought thousands of THETA tokens in this manner. If you would like for me to walk you through it, let me know.

  11. Hi Lark, please bring back Mitch from Theta for the update of Theta current status, I heard that they are having their mainnet and some snapshot on that!!!thanks for you critical questions to Mitch. keep on the great work!!

  12. Within the 1st few minutes you almost hear a complete contradiction to the whole Theta idea.
    They want to be a decentralized platform but Need to partner with centralized platform companies?
    They want to combat censorship by partnering with companies who are Well know to massively sensor content accessibility
    Why would YouTube partner with a system that directly competes with them?
    I LOVE the idea of earning currency for sharing, but I see this Failing easily.

  13. I keep trying to understand this but every time I go to sliver tv it confuses the hell out of me.

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