Il mondo di Crypto Secondo Jeff

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The World of Crypto According To Jeff #Ripple #Bitcoin #Litecoin

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Il mondo di Crypto Secondo Jeff

24 Commenti

  1. Once cash is wiped out of the universe, how are strippers and drug dealers gonna floss their worthless papers? 😳🤔

  2. Proof of stake is needed for smart contract platforms. Proof of work can’t scale because it needs million of operations in a 24 hr period at least for those platforms. has a list of most active blockchains. When you say proof of stake there is no work required is misleading. For example on eos the consensus is dpos (delegated proof of stake ) . Ci sono 21 bps and about 80 standby bps. The top 21 bps put out tons of work including lots of innovation to keep their position from the community votes. The bps hard work keep the chain running.

  3. I like you, but I outright dismiss your socialist comment. Are the folks in the wealthiest, scandanavian countries lazy? Your idea of socialism is misguided. Its a spectrum, some countries more than others, all are in some level. But we definetely need more equality in this world. We need to stop the greed and exploitation from banks and big pharma. Aint that similar to what bitcoin was designed to accomplish.?

  4. Hey Jeff, you are very misguided about socialism. First of all socialism does not exclude capitalism, and the idea that socialism equates laziness is insane. This seems a typical American misconception. Perhaps media, education and culture in the U.S. is somehow influencing people to have these misconceptions about certain political ideologies. You lost credibility discussing this topic in this way. I advise you to look into the subject deeper, (beyond U.S. media). Socialism aims to create a stronger society for all from the principle of being able to achieve more when people work together, and take care of each other if needed. It is absolutely vital for people to do their part and work in order to support this system, that’s why there is strong social and economical pressure on people to work if they are able to in a socialist society. Almost funny how you relate homeless people to socialism, check your facts and try to see how many homeless people there are in countries where there are still some socialist structures, and compare it to your hardcore capitalist society. There are also examples of wealthy countries which succesfully combine capitalism and socialism, unfortunately American political trends are also influencing these places nowadays. Btw dont you think the wealth of a country should be rated by how good the poorest and middle classes live, no the wealth of the 1%? Shoutout from Amsterdam, NL.

  5. Jeff’s reasoning of socialism gives us all non Americans the understanding on the current state of USA and how the Corporatist are able to reign against the People for so long

  6. I am not perfect, but The Grace of Jesus Christ is always Big enough. Interesting view about market. Does make you and us think. Have a nice one 👍

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