The Technology Enabling The New Silk Road – Matrix AI

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Matrix AI will be a part of the technology underlying China's highly ambitious One Belt One Road project, the new Silk Road. Innovative tech and a growing partner list make Matrix a project to keep an eye on.

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The Technology Enabling The New Silk Road – Matrix AI

34 Commenti

  1. Thanks for the interview(S) Allodola! Questo, Elastos, TRAC, and NULS are my 4 biggest holdings. The ONE ROAD is bigger than anything out there. 3-4 Trillion $ progetto! Let that sink in, and then go buy some MAN.

  2. If MAN can deliver on their road map it will win bigly. I’m holding a bag and waiting for the market to turn around.

  3. Sweet! Thanks for getting the guys from Matrix on here Lark. I love this project. It’s pretty crazy to me how little is invested in Matrix given its potential. 74 milAnd I thought Elastos was undervalued. Perhaps people are avoiding it because it has a long roadmap. però, given what they’re trying to accomplish, I’d be more concerned if they had a shorter roadmap.

  4. HPB is definitely a sleeper, i think it’s gonna turn heads when mainnet is released!

  5. Thank you Lark Man, I enjoyed the entire 28 minutes of your Matrix AI presentation, the potential/financial upside from investing in the MAN token is staggering.

  6. MAN is a top 10 progetto, imho. Good job, and this is the first I’ve seen of the new Lark logo–Wow!

  7. Great interview Lark. Matrix Ai is my brothers first crypto love. I can see why. very interesting

  8. people still think skynet for ai no where near that. matrix sounds like an amazing project anyway good work on interview. sincerely jr of.exciting world.cryptos

  9. Best interview so far with Matrix AI Network. Thanks for all the great questions def very BULLISH! Ethereum and EOS won’t even come close to this if it delievers.

  10. Lo adoro, if they pull it off, it will truly be a monster. Its hard not to feel some sort of personal investment when they are helping with things like cancer diagnosis!

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