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Si prega di iscriversi e come, aiuta molto.
A caricare più regolarmente Hillary controlla il suo e-mail.


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androide: = = it

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Io sono in alcun modo un mercato professionale; Usa il tuo giudizio PROPRIO QUANDO ACQUISTO AZIONI E COMUNQUE. Io non sono responsabile per utili o perdite che possono verificarsi.

IL MERCATO è intrinsecamente RISCHIOSO, E si dovrebbe investire solo quello che stai COMPLETAMENTE disposti a perdere.


33 Commenti

  1. You should do a video on a full in depth report of a company like, OXLC and if you think they can sustain the 22% dividend

  2. I upload more regularly than Hillary checks her email.lolol.

    What’s the reason for having 4 riserve? Could you just pick 2 and put the equivalent amount in each? Is it for diversification purposes?

  3. You definitely only could have two! I figured that having four would be a little more well rounded, but it’s really up to personal discretion.

  4. That would be a good idea, and a very interesting report.

  5. quick question: do the dividends go back into this specific stocks portfolio, or into your overall RH acvount.

  6. They just go into the cash portion of your RH account.

  7. +Ralph Sanchez I believe so. But be cautious!

  8. Would you get paid $1000 monthly through dividends or how much can you expect through the dividends? I’m a little confused

  9. if you buy a stock with a specific dividend percentage can it drop do. to stock performance? Or do you lock in?

  10. Is it bad to invest in expensive stocks like raytheon or voo with only 1000 thats about 3 shares each
    or does it not matter in terms of profit

  11. Dividend stocks in a taxable account usually not a good idea. Keep them in your Roth or Traditional IRA.

  12. @Brandon Ervin-Not really! Dividends are taxed at a lower rate than capital gain tax put on stock gains selling stocks for profit.

  13. Set Apart do you live in america? did you just earn money? then it is taxable. Short answer is that all robinhood accounts are taxable. They do not offer retirement based accounts

  14. So you have some diversification. If one decides to cut their dividend or stop it for that month, eccetera.. solo 25% of your portfolio would be affected instead of 50%. It’s just a measure to try and reduce risk

  15. Many of these funds are using leverage to achieve those yields and payouts. They will get slammed during a recession just as the ones that existed in 2008 did. There’s no free lunch folks.

  16. Min Young Kim It doesn’t matter. If a stock you buy goes up 3%, your $1000 also goes up by that amount. It is best to invest in well established companies that you know a lot about and understand their line of business.

  17. Your title makes no sense to make 1000.00 monthly u would have to have over 7400 shares of a stock that pays .135 monthly example OXLC SP currently @10.78 u would need almost 80,000 invested to receive 1000.00 per month🤑🤑

  18. mike m
    And if he’s taking the full dividend every month rather than a passive 4-6% and re investing the remainder he’s just depleting anyways. I believe that’s why you need at least 2m before you can make any real income. Also You can never just keep taking from the growth fund like he is advocating for.

  19. funny all these went down since you posted this. Maybe these monthly dividend stocks arent the way to go

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