Ripple Price Could Easily Hit $5.00 a $10.00 in 2018?

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With the way that Ripple is forging partnerships with banks globally, by bringing blockchain technology to the Fiat Banking world, the utility of Ripple is creating opportunities for investors in more ways than one.

Ripple Price Could Easily Hit $5.00 a $10.00 in 2018?

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  1. But does ripple need our coins to do it? What prevents them from using the technology with other coins that we don’t have, or what prevents them from creating billions of new coins?

  2. Long term HODL.

    Mid-term HODL.

    Day traded.
    TRX, XVG, EET.

    Other coins I’m just holding to see what happens. 2018-2019 will be XRP, ETH, ADA year. 2020 e oltre, IOTA ftw.

  3. Right on the point. I think the fundamental values of Bitcoin is decentralization. It’s basically digital gold Satoshi created. Token like Ripple on the other hand, fully controlled by a company, just like us dollar controlled by fed reserve. I think trade fiat into this kind of token is quite pointless from a fundamental point of view.

  4. Their trustworthy backers, the BANK OF ENGLAND and international banking cartels. Don’t question it, just chase moon lambos 😉

  5. I AM SORRY for being annoying lol but could you kindly do a review of ICON (icx) progetto. your thoughts on it. please.thanks in advance

  6. I’ve watched altcoin buzz viewership explode from 20k to 90k+ fast. It’s well deserved because these guys are on the pulse of crypto for real.

  7. Too late for me to get in on at this stage. The amount of money I’d have to invest to make it worthwhile puts it to rich for me. I’ll just keep looking for the next one. No FOMO here. This boat sailed without me.

  8. if the banks use the RIPPLE coin, then they get cheaper transactions rate and faster speeds.

  9. Careem Robinson I was here doing it’s 15k 3 settimane fa, that thing grew faster than most coins out there

  10. Xrp ripple would solve Coinbase problems at the least
    Just think how long it takes to get bank wires took mine over a week!

  11. Jeff- in all your vids “I’m not buying anymore bc I have my position in it” how is ripple a lot at 1.25 for those who haven’t bought yet?
    Last year if you had the chance to buy Ltc and eth. At right under 5 bucks would it be worth it?

    Bitcoin is garbage! What do you use it for besides storing a worthless coin? Someone I know found a cafe that took bitcoin , the transaction fee for the coffee was $30…. and you think xrp won’t pass bitcoin?

    Mark my words xrp will be recolutionizong game changer and bitcoin is dying

  12. Market can be bearishxrp is not a fantasy coin- has a real life applicationactually going to look up if ripple co has stocks as a company it’s huge

    Imagine the billions if not trillions saved over transaction fees daily by banks people etc !!???

  13. your day trade coins are very much long term holds. only have short term action because of dumb macafee. might want to look into that. I long hold all three of those before macafee

  14. Stop playing with people man. Ripple has 100,000,000,000 coin the market cap will reach to 1 trilioni di. You and the follower making the banker more rich.

  15. Demand for the ripple network is huge. Demand for the XRP coin, not so much. Banks can use the ripple network without using the ripple coin.

  16. please do a video of Stellar Lumens, it’s like the laymans ripple. the creator of ripple, left ripple to make stellar and they are currently partnered with IBM with rumours of a stellar exchange in 2018

  17. Micky House Whats its utility in lamens terms if possible? I will still do my own research on it but i like to hear how other people view the use of certain cryptos.

  18. I vomit when i think back to when i had XRP at under 1 cent and sold a lot at 20 centesimi.
    Now i know to hodl :
    1. you buy crypto.
    2. never sell it. ever.
    3. die with only you knowing the passwords

  19. XRP is the coin, Ripple is the company. Also market cap means nothing, you can’t compare other crypto via market cap.

    If the market cap is 10,000 tomorrow and only 1% of people sell their coins to thousands of people happy to pay $10 per moneta, the market cap goes up, ancora 99% of people have HODL’d their coins have seen an increase in value based on nothing other than supply and demand.

    So what just happened?

    Let’s also say that 99.999999999% of people HODL ther coins, e 0.000000001 people offer their coins at $1,000,000 ogni, instead of $500,000 as per the current valuation and market cap. Now the market cap turns every coin in to a value of 1,000,000 per moneta, it doubles over night. How can 0.000000001 of bitcoin holders double the price for everyone?

    Lets say I have 50 bitcoins and I’m the only person who is willing to sell in USD, So I sell myself one bitcoin for 10 time’s it’s actual value so I can make my other 49 bitcoins jump in price x10. Everyone else’s coins in the blockchain will also grow by a factor of 10, making the market cap 10x bigger. What exactly does that achieve?!

    You can see that market cap means nothing whatsoever, can be changed by just a single seller, and can jump and sink as much as it wants to no real effect.
    Ignore market caps, they don’t work in crypto.

  20. Its almost $2 buck as of this am, and it hasnt done anything yet (No coinbase, no real world adoption yet) Stupefacente.

  21. Still can’t believe I parted with all my XRP in March, for a measly 1 cent or something. I’d be an actual millionaire now

  22. alot of BITCOIN lovers / holders feel this way. Personalmente, once i saw the crappy transaction fees on coinbase and binance for BTC, i never used it again! Says it all. whats BTC worth then? Gartbage coin

  23. Herakles there definitely has been real world adoption and this is the source of the boom. multiple high profile banks have already started implementing XRP.

  24. Are u a noob or what? You think the price will be stablized at this level? Wait for the tremendous pull back

  25. To accurately compare market cap with another coin, you need to do so with a coin which has an identical supply, and one which is also aimed at the financial industry, and preferably at a point in which both coins have mined identical amounts to date.

    Without all of those commonality any comparison is meaningless. Add to it that Ripple is basically commercialized by aiming to replace SWIFT payments, and it doesn’t take a brain surgion to realise that Ripple will knock BTC from it’s top spot within 24 mesi, although I am personally predicting by June 2018.

    No bank is going to adopt a crypto that fluctuates wildly and may have changed in value by thousands of dollars before the transaction has been completed.

    I’m all for decentralization of currencies, and we should be happy that XRP is basically providing that first real step so markets and regulated banks can see the advantages of it. It doesn’t mean that other crypto’s are going to fail, far from it, XRP is the first step in decentralisation which all other coins have thus far not been able to do with widespread adoption.

    As far as bitcoin is concerned, the network is already at capacity and really struggling to process payments within an hour, the fees cost more than the amount being sent with anything under $100, that’s really no good to anyone. I don’t see huge losses for it’s market cap, but I do see it stagnating and people taking their money elsewhere to invest. With the current system in place with banks called SWIFT, it’s actually faster to get on a plane in New York with a briefcase full of money, fly to London and give it to the recipient.

    XRP can process a transaction in 4 secondi, and do a thousand of them at a time. It’s pretty clear to me where the money should be going right now, XRP just hit $2 per moneta, dethroned Eutherium as the 2nd biggest market cap.

    A $6 dollars per coin it will knock Bitcoin off the top spot. Think about that for a while when looking at how many thousands of times Bitcoin prices have multiplied to get where it is., it’s like 10000%.

    XRP just needs to double it’s value one and a half times to take 1st place. has one hell of bigger supply of unmined coins, It already doubled it’s value in the last 15 days from $1 a $2. Right now as I write this it’s at $2.22 per moneta.

    I believe it will be at $3 a gennaio. there are still 50 billion XRP left to mine, against BTC’s what, 21 million in total max supply?
    You think Ripple’s value is going to go UP or DOWN as more coins are mined from a limited supply?

    Così, if you want to judge a coin by it’s market cap, you’re talking about a wild fluctuation of a yardstick that is constantly changing in lenght, and can be beaten by a simple $6 coin if market cap is how you’re measuring it’s success. BTC could have a market cap thousands of times bigger than it currently does, but you’ll be waiting days for transactions to take place with stupid high fees making anything under $1000 unfeasible.

    Ya understand a bit clearer now? Anche, I can’t stress enough, if you have thousands invested in bitcoin and altcoins, move them to XRP right now or you’ll regret it. Smaller amounts not so much, but if you have 50k in BTC, dump it on XRP as BTC is at it’s limit and you risk XRP’s rise damaging your portfolio. It’s what I did with BTC and LTC so practice what I preach.

  26. Nebul0us82 hey speaking of moonshot, did you look at it today? It peaked at $2.85! Hahahahahahaha! And it ain’t even on Coinbase yet

  27. did u sell litecoin. I am new I am on Trx Xlm Xvg omg ioata Cardona. What u say since I never heard anyone really break down that market cap equation for the fluctuation of the price like most analysts use it.

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