Request Network Price Undervalued? Better Than Paypal?

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The Request Network is looking to revolutionize the way we do ecommerce using the blockchain. Check out the white paper on this project and let us know what you think. Could this replace PayPal?

Request Network Price Undervalued? Better Than Paypal?

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  1. SÌ! Heavily invested in request network, quantstamp, and cardano for my exponential growers. You the man jeff.

  2. I’m new to crypto but have acquired 8 different types of coins recently. Can you talk about the best way to store all the different coins. Do I need to download a wallet for each one? I have a Ledger Nano but it only holds certain cryptos.

  3. what is the different between store the coins in wallets and leaving them in platforms like bittrex and binance ?

  4. @altcoin buzz, what do you think of Nolimitcoin? it has a working product, its only on small exchanges and has hit a market cap of 100m and is currently 30m. its soon to be listed on bigger exchanges. it has visa implementation finalising on the platform, making it one of the easiest coins to buy, bringing it to the masses. its aiming for fantasy sports which is a rapidly growing industry, and with the world cup round the corner i think 2018 will be huge. its been flying under the radar in my opinion. Thoughts?

  5. Jeff, you forgot to mention it’s a deflationary currency. Every time a transaction is done on the request network, a small amount of request tokens are burnt. Therefore the circulating supply is going to diminish gradually and hopefully, that’ll translate into increasing value in the long run.

  6. Jason Enyeart Same question. My Ledger arrives Wednesday, but it looks like it doesn’t hold any of the small altcoins discussed on this channel 🙁

  7. Great preview of REQ, probably one of the hottest projects out there. Check out Modum (MOD), same situation as REQ, revolutionary and undervalued.

  8. Just keep them and do not review your password or sensitive information to anything that online, write those on paper and keep those in safety.

  9. New to your channel. I like your style and analysis. I share values you talk about too. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  10. Yes and no. The request token has 18 decimals, which means REQ could go down low as 0.00000000000000001. And with the transaction fees being variable (0.2% a 0.05% depending on the extension), it’s going to take a very long time for all tokens to have been burnt, even in the case of mass adoption. Più, in the case REQ would reach a point where supply is getting unusably low, they could fork the contract.

  11. Many smaller coins have developed their own wallets which you can download from their website. Please try toavoid storing them on any exchanges.

  12. Twistr I’d say to at least 5 o 10. Hard to say but when you get into these things early enough, you make a huge profit even if it hits a dollar.

  13. Devin Newton Yes it does. Bitcoin itself has close to zero utility. USD has tremendous utility and quality of life effects.

  14. You want to talk about gold and the utility there ? or lack of? Lol Warren buffet said gold has no utility, its a store of value, similar toooo……… ill let you figure that out. The only difference is one is tangible and one is not bud. @Re3iRtH

  15. Devin Newton Who said anything about gold lol? I don’t own any gold and don’t see a reason to. We are talking about realizing a profit, and Bitcoin vs. money you can actually use.

  16. I can’t believe you didn’t mention that REQ is backed by Y Combinator, arguably the best business accelerator in the world. Same guys who brought us BnB and Uber.

  17. Jason Vallery soon to be VET😋 Big things this year for VeChain, I agree Jeff should speak on it

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