Reddcoin Price Surge Coming in 2018? Social Media Currency of Future?

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The Reddcoin project is looking to bring currency to social media in a more efficient way. I personally took out a position on this coin, but this does not mean that you should unless you feel confident that you trust the project enough to make an investment. This is not professional financial advice.

Reddcoin Price Surge Coming in 2018? Social Media Currency of Future?

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  1. per $261 right now you could have $100,000 shares.. no risk and all reward. i will be buying into this tonight thank you for the tips and views on it.

  2. Jeff, check out the coin that came out today Gifto (GTO). It’s fresh but I did some research and it seems promising.

  3. You should review Enjin Coin (ENJ). It was/is an actual buisiness before launching an ICO with an established user base of 18 million players.

  4. sì!!!!! Grazie!! I made that crazy move and invest in RDD right after your Buzz. Today it is up at 135%!! Great Success!! Thanks to Altcoin Buzz!!

  5. According to my calculations, this coin will hit at least $3.00 within the next year. This undervalued coin is a great opportunity!

  6. Zxyw 0987 if that’s the case I’m sitting on six figures, solo 22. It’ll be a time in my life! I think this coin will get far

  7. si, Jeff sounds like a cool dude.
    You feel like you’re sitting in your house with him drinking a beer.

  8. Sweet! You were born at the right time, right place, and damn! U a boy with brains!
    Saluti! Make the best of it young man!!!

  9. Dannazione! I’m 46y/o and just got into investing in Crypto last week and the Forex market a year ago. Some of us older people didn’t have a direction/niche early on in life so it’s nice to see a young person investing early on!

  10. Litecoin trades in decimals. If you have the time, 10x gains are valuable no matter what kind of pocket rocket you’ve got.

  11. Redcoin says since 2014 has already achieve the largest adoption in social network?? but none of those social networks use their coin? so what are they talking about.
    its been a couple years and showing all those big social names to promote their product but not been use sounds like false advertisement.

  12. Kobalt May I just tell you: You are not ahead of your generation. At least you are not ahead of me. I’m 14 y.o.

  13. Zxyw 0987 – Did you just make that number up? To get to $1 from todays price it would need a $30 billion dollar marketcap. Keep dreaming..

  14. Martin Lemona ,so if i had say 100,000 shares and it went to $1 it should be $100,000 ? or is it worked out another way…..cheers

  15. Bene, you can always cash out 70% and continue to hold 30% for the future. And be sure to be well diversified.

  16. Where do you personally store your Reddcoin? I’m deciding what the safest type of wallet to get as this coin is not supported by Ledger Nano S

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