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This is a list of some of my most recent altcoin buys that I made. I am planning to HODL up to 6 months or longer depending on how I see each pick developing. I realize some of these could move fast and some move slow. Also I realize they can lose their value in the short term, before they start their accent. While they are low, I will more than likely accumulate more of these altcoins at better buy ins. This is my strategy that has worked before. Buy low and wait for them to move. This is not professional financial advice, this is just my strategy as a matter of opinion.

Buys recenti Altcoin

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  1. Seems like not alot of people know about this coin or not very interested. But the staffs are the grads from MIT and they have alot of sponsorship in their favor. Definitely a coin to watch!

  2. Lol im gonna get rimbit just because I know this video will pump it up. Ill just put a limit sell on it for 2x

    Easy money.

  3. Totally agree. After reading their whitepaper I realized how revolutionary and important the tech is for the future of crypto.

  4. The guy who invented doge coin cannot believe people are still investing in it. It’s not even in development anymore. Why the hell would dogecoin be better than an actively developed project?

  5. Don’t stop doing videos love your work and appreciate the time and effort you put in sharing.

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