Ontologia – Everything you want to know about ONT!

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A basic understanding of Ontology and what is it all about. Ricky explains what Ontology is and why should you be interested in it.

Ontologia (AVERE) is a blockchain framework supports public blockchain systems and is able to customize different public blockchains for different applications.

Ontology had a 70% gain for the first week of April! Big News and Updates! Venture Fund announced with four huge Chinese firms!


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Ontologia – Everything you want to know about ONT!

26 Commenti

  1. Ont has plenty of room to grow and it helped me finally get into the green. I’m happy with it for sure

  2. Alts buzz!
    Don’t discriminating African children.
    They have what it take to feed themselves , they are not poor but some companies are abussing their belongings ….Bitcoin the forefather of all coins didnt feed them.

  3. You are fantasticThe explanation of this coin makes ont understandable. You talk sense man !!!!! Grazie

  4. I want 100 ONT for a long term Hold, so I think I’ll buy 200 today and sell half at 2x price

  5. I just bought it on Binance. If you wanna use a different exchange just click on Markets at the Ontology listing on Coinmarketcap.

  6. Great Vid bro! well explained in layman’s term. Just purchased ONT with my whole month’s salary. This is a longhold to go 100x in a year!

  7. Ottimo lavoro! Great coverage of ONT! How can anyone give this video a thumbs down! I don’t get it! You went through the project from A-Z with practical examples! Best coverage I have seen in a long time! Job well done! Definitely a thumbs way way UP!!!

  8. Ontology and Neblio will both be huge this year! Also bullish on Stellar as well. Bel video. 🙂

  9. got in a little over $1.30, been taking profit and still have more then my original tokens, i believe it will reach the top 10 in market cap real soon

  10. Utsava on Twitter with a great track record and who told people to buy at 2$ says over 40$ year end.😁

  11. Exactly. The NEX ico will be happening soon then it’s off to the races with the NEO ecosystem.

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