Una cosa necessaria per spingere di Bitcoin Prezzo Superiore & Go Mainstream

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Bitcoin needs more adoption, how do we do it? Merchants are getting increasingly involved, cryptocurrencies are getting faster, but where are the consumers?

Accept crypto https://cointelegraph.com/bitcoin-for-beginners/how-to-accept-bitcoins-in-my-store#wallet-addresses
Find a Merchant https://coinmap.org/#/world/-14.94478488/26.54296875/2

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One Thing Needed To Push Bitcoin's Price Higher & Go Mainstream

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Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

28 Commenti

  1. @4:20 – precisely. Like it or not, the market is saturated with various MoE technology. They are spoiled for choice. Try telling a newcomer that they need to sign up for an account & do KYC, aspettare 3-5 days for that to confirm, get internet banking & send money to the exchange, pay a fee and wait for that to arrive, buy Bitcoin and pay a fee, withdraw and pay a fee and now go out and find somewhere to spend it. They just are not interested when they can pull out their visa and swipe it over a terminal and go. That is why the market is treating Bitcoin as a SoV and/or speculative asset. I’m thinking we wont see widespread mainstream adoption for at least another 5 anni. Plenty of time to improve on-chain efficiency, develop Lightning and other tech.

  2. I wonder what the percentages were when Visa cards were extremely new on the marketagainst people using cheque books? I’d like to think more people were using cheques rather than these new plastic card things. Fast forward 30 years and it’s the sameCrypto payments are new and its just time that’s needed before plastic cards are a thing of the past.

  3. Love the videos Lark. I feel ya, it’s definitely frustrating. Just to give you some real life figures, I run an online retail store selling hardware wallets. Solo 3% of transactions are paid for with cryptoand that’s in a crypto based business where every customer owns crypto.

  4. I’m a freelance computer tech in my area and I accept bitcoin, trattino, litecoin, Ethereum, and zcash. I’ve done this over a year but I don’t really get that much call for it but I will always keep it an option!

  5. nice indeed, but can’t hold a candle to the previous episode’s hat hiding bitcoin rat!

  6. Crypto won’t be accepted as payment until people can earn it on their jobs. That’s the only way they will spend and replace it! Would you spend your gold? The only reason dollars spend is because they can be earned many ways. So the focus needs to be getting business and corporations to start paying be people in crypto!

  7. Your content is very well considered. I look forward to seeing you at your first million.

  8. Last time I paid in bitcoin was before Bitpay made payment protocol mandatory. We need merchants to stop using bitpay.

  9. Super super!! I am offering lodging at my home, got two extra rooms, for anyone from the community who wants to visit Athens, Grecia. payment in all major Crypto currency (15/20$/day) pulito, peaceful, positive vibes! 😀🙏✌️

  10. Nah you right. I’m going to buy stuff with crypto this year to support businesses that accept it! At least a couple thousand

  11. 3% is similar to the ROI of using adwords or youtube advertising for many yearseven snail mail/postal marketing is 3% IF you are even successful //

  12. Nice points as always Lark 🙂 How many Nash reflink tickets do you have so far? Stucking at 15🤣. Continuate così.

  13. Punti buoni – Łitecoin promoters at PaywithLitecoin usually make sure Bitcoin is also accepted when arranging crypto paymentsJohn Kim Łitecoin twitter feed refers!

  14. We are stuck and lazy with our old and working payment methods. I think Africa or other poor countries would use all that PundiX and Dex stuff and skip the credit cards/banks. But they also need phones and Internet first. What about sending them at least our still working old smartphones or crowdfunding them these crypto payment devices. This would be real adoption.

  15. I bought a burrito 🌯 using btc in Fresno California not to long ago 😁 pretty cool stuff

  16. I strongly recommend that this topic is one of the most important that social media needs to push hard, thank you for walking the walk and for the quality and value you provide 🙂

  17. Thats the problem i guess, it will stabilise eventually once mass adopted (we hope)

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