Omnitude ICO – E-Commerce Toolbox

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Chris Painter CEO of Omnitude and I discuss all things Omnitudee-commerce, Omnitude use cases, fiat, Hyperledger & Di Più!
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Omnitude ICO – E-Commerce Toolbox

31 Commenti

  1. I missed the pre-sale.. does anyone think it’d be worth it if i bought omnitude on the main-token sale??

  2. Participated in the presale a couple of weeks ago 🙂 Glad to hear a review from my favourite crypto YouTuber ❤️

  3. Awesome interview as always Lark! Omnitude is a solid and revolutionary project!! A true game changer! Larks asks all the right questions [[look out!! Crypto’s Larry King??]] Chris Painter is a great CEO and leader. He’s steering this ship in the right directionTo the earth’s natural satellite!!!
    (Amazing community and Team by the way!! )

  4. Allodola, you gots to be the hardest working dude in crypto! Keep it coming brother.

  5. Allodola! Thank you for doing this. I believe I was the first one to ask you about Omnitude 😉

  6. Wow, this is the real deal! Clear actual need for this and it seems implementable. Big scope though!~
    Someone needs to come along and kill all the current crypto exchanges, most are cancer and horrible to use.

  7. thank you for being part of the community! 😀 it’s thanks to people like you being as excited as we are that makes the Omnitude community great!

  8. Can you do a review on Echolink (EKO) ?
    I think this has 100x potential.
    Check out their whitepaper

  9. Omnitude is a great project that will be well worth whatever investment you put in .
    In these times of doubt you can rest assured that Chris painter and the rest of his team will not let you down.

  10. Omnitude!!!!!!!🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥❤❤❤ ico ending in a few days !!!!!!!! You guys are amazing and amazing project!!!! 😎😎

  11. wooo just got in im super stoked about this one! masternodes at 20k tokens, $5 million in tokens airdropped, and a ton of coins being burned you definitely dont want to get into this one it would mean less tokens for me and a higher circulating supply its a real dumb project actually haha

  12. they are airdropping $5 million in coins and burning the rest you better get in sale ends in a few hours

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