Oil Crisis Good for Price of Bitcoin? The War on Privacy Heats Up

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OKEx Korea delisting all privacy coins, including Monero, Zcash and Dash, as these ‘violate’ FATF’s ‘travel rule

Germany takes aim at Facebook Libra; plans to block private stablecoins

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Oil Crisis Good for Price of Bitcoin? The War on Privacy Heats Up

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Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

31 Commenti

  1. Bitcoin is in the process of building its resume. So far is has survived everything thrown at it. Write that down!

  2. There is no shortage of oil my friend. We heard in the 70s we would all going to run out then also LOL. We produce more oil in this world than ever before in the USA is 100% self dependents now therefore no shortage this is all just political bibble Babble like usual Happy stacking

  3. World War will begin soon. No one will be safe. Food production is goin to drop world wide as solar minimum take hold.

  4. 04:12 “[Bitcoin] is the ultimate form of Monetary Freedom and its
    use case as
    a Swiss bank account in your pocket” 10:12 “bitcoin is a real choice. It is a
    choice for Monetary Sovereignty. It is a choice for Monetary Freedom.~ Lark

  5. I’m taking this Coinbase Dash listing as an acknowledgement from regulators that Dash’s privacy is identical to Bitcoin. Both can be Coinjoined “mixed”. Both show all transactions on the ledger. If Dash is a privacy coin, then so is Bitcoin with Wasabi.

  6. @The Crypto Lark my wishes too but those guys are too greedy. The last time I stopped the Pebble Gold Mine disaster here in Alaska they found where I was in CA and called me to tell me that it was, “your fault that we had to blind children in Ecuador.Truly sick. That’s their religion though. We are cattle to them. They think they can do anything to us. Not this time. We will win this time.

  7. Hey Lark, I enjoy your great info, and I hold BTC. one Q, You always say BTC can’t be stopped. What if governments ban the use of BTC. Meaning that they make it illegal to accept BTC for purchases? Meaning that businesses will still have to sell products on the books and they will fear reprisal from there local tax authorities. BTC will still exist. But it will become difficult to use? How do you answer that? Grazie

  8. Governments can make it difficult to use, but cannot stop it. Look at china, incredibly powerful country shut down all exchanges, banned trading, only result is the worlds biggest black market for bitcoin

  9. @lickitysplit roberts Sun is going to go to sleep for 350 yrs. ..the full length of 400 yr solar cycle. This one will be deeper than any in recorded history. Weather earthquakes volcanism will amplify 8 to 10x in the next 3 anni. Temps are about to drop like rock. Solar output already at 400 yr low. Global warming a lie.

  10. This former Marine appreciates your anti war stance. Like General Smedley D. Butler said, “War is a Racket”.

  11. Great stuff as usuallove the comment on 2nd amendment analogy. I’ve been following the cash ban in Australia..doesn’t look good so far

  12. Globally speaking.. from a global perspective.. I think it’s fair to say that Bitcoin is an unstoppable spinning force of global proportions. All around the globe, bitcoin is going globally global 66,600 miles per hour. Spinning really really fast through space, globally. Globe heads.

  13. And this world warwill it be on a GLOBAL scale? Global warfare all around the ball of Earth even in Australia where they are obviously upside down will be dragged into war? Chinese too? let’s dig to China and warn them of this looming global.. catastrophe of global.. scale.. and what about global warming that will kill people all around the globe too? Help me Jesus help me off this spinning ball of madness aha

  14. Privacy coin Vs. Surveillance coin. If the coin doesn’t have some privacy built-in I don’t see the point. It’s a lot of effort to be within the Bitcoin and company ecosystem and be at a serious disadvantage to any other fiat. If there’s no consideration for security on the blockchain I’m not touching it. inoltre, Bitcoin is now for the already very rich so I may as well just use one of Square’s apps or Libra when it comes out.

  15. Lol quoting OBAMA that said he didnt want average people walking around with a Swiss bank account as that is something that is reserved for his elite banker friends!

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