NOS ICO – NEO’s Operating SystemSmart InternetSmart EconomySmart Future

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noi – – is a virtual operating system being build for NEODean and I discuss smart contracts, utility, partnerships, e molto altro ancora!

Rivelazione: Si tratta di una recensione non pagato per un progetto che è stato ritenuto degno di tempo di ricerca, la registrazione e la pubblicazione per scopi didattici.
inoltre, Io attualmente non hanno investito in questo progetto, but have won a spot in the lottery and will certainly invest

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NOS ICO – NEO's Operating SystemSmart InternetSmart EconomySmart Future

29 Commenti

  1. NOS and the partnership with DATA ACCESS is huge, super bullish on NOS! 🚀🚀 Love COZ they are amazing developers. NEO SMART ECONOMY coming together baby!! Excellent interview Crypto Lark

  2. Lots of interviews lately, good job Dean to bring more awareness to the project to the crypto community

  3. Awesome interview!!!
    Could be China’s Google, seems like an excellent project!
    Kind of hoping it dips below ICO price when listed so I can fill a bag or three 😉

  4. Great interview, great guest and great potential in nOS! Good to see 2 passionate cryptopians talking positively and having a cool discussion about the future without putting down other projects.

  5. Thanks for sharing this discussion!
    One of the things that makes me wonder about Dapps and VM is that, despite functioning in a permissionless way for access/development/use, they will STILL need to rely on Cloud servers to scale for global use.
    intendo, having nodes/miners around the world consenting/consorting to validate transactions is fine, but the bottom line is that the BaaS/SaaS will end up being powered by servers, albeit Cloud servers. Given that the majority of Cloud service providers are located in the developed world and owned by a minority of companies (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Alibaba, Oracolo, Baidu, eccetera.), what does that spell for the wholedecentralisation” e “data controlnarrative?
    It seems to me that there is some contradiction here that needs to be clarified when discussing Blockchain projects and Dapps

  6. Currently the nOS client only allows the choice of USD, Sterlina inglese, EUR or CAD as choice for local currency. I wonder if they plan to expand that list.

  7. +Doctor Lecter thanks for the comment. I have recently enabled monetization on my videos because the algorithm ranks them higher in searches. Having so many ads on this was an auto setting, not intended to be greedy, I will fix it in a few minutes

  8. Funny get an ad to buy a bank card during this video.. I suspect that ad isn’t getting the results they were hoping for. LoL Anyhow great interview !

  9. Another great interview btw Lark. Didn’t get picked on the NEX ICO, but hopefully will get in on this one! Also mate, could you give a shout out to me winning the ASQ Protocol Airdrop? I drove 600 miles up to Scotland to find the Ledger with $100k of tokens on, was an epic journey! Cheers bro!

  10. Another great video Lark……..your high quality is so consistent…..and a very good guestgot me thinking about Nos

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