Nexus ambasciatore Mike Casey – Crypto is the Future

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Mike Casey from the Nexus community and I got to sit down for a coffee on the waterfront and chat crypto! Apologies for the background noise!

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disconoscimento: Tutto qui espresso il mio parere e non ufficiale consulenza per gli investimenti – si prega di fare la propria ricerca prima di rischiare il proprio denaro!

Grazie per la visione!
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Nexus ambasciatore Mike Casey – Crypto is the Future

34 Commenti

  1. haha I thought it was weird to see a palm tree in the background beside your head lark,(at first glance),then i realized it was your hair lol.(fk i need sleeep lol).all crypto no sleep seeing things lmaowell done guys enjoyed the chat..cheers!”crypto lark nation”! love NEXUS

  2. lark- sits for coffee to interview. Suppoman walks the city streets in the wind to act like a child interviewing…………. LARK ALL DAY EVERYDAY

  3. I like your videos a lot. I am sorry to sound rude about it but that is an atrocious thing to leave in for head-phones users.

  4. Mike seems like a cool guy. Going to do some research on Nexus. Per me, it’s tough deciding what projects to invest in mainly because there are so many that seem interesting and have great potential. Grazie, Allodola. 👍

  5. sono d'accordo, it is terrible, sorry that happened, it was far from intentional, I am in the process of editing it now, but Youtube is painfully slow

  6. Nexus’ recent partnership with SingularityNet (the people behind the Sophia AI robot, eccetera) sent shivers down my spine! So thrilled 😄

  7. Nexus is special because it’s 3D chain & 1024-bit hash has solved, on-chain, the problems with Bitcoin’s scale, speed, cost, sicurezza, and mining centralization, distributed via satellite network. Con questo, and free tx on the horizon, there really is no need for all these other solutions (segwit/lightning) or these other alternative coin protocols (IOTA, Raiblocks, eccetera.).

  8. Greece is prime example of why governments should not be allowed to control monetary policy. …and the USSA is next. Crypto is the ONLY answer to a failed fiat economyspecifically the Nexus project.

  9. My favourite project discussed in my favourite (and home) town! Welly wind never fails to deliver. Great interview man 🙂

  10. Nexus seems to be following stuff Digibyte already does. Keen to see more points of difference with the TAO developments.

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