News Roundup – Ethereum, NON, litecoin, Lisk, strati, and Atomic Swaps

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Top news from around the cryptospace. Atomic swaps, litecoin, Ethereum, Lisk, strati, and NEM.

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News Roundup – Ethereum, NON, litecoin, Lisk, strati, and Atomic Swaps

34 Commenti

  1. Lark man why is the market dipping again haha

    I might buy more NEM if the market value goes close to 100 billion again

  2. thanks for keeping it real Crytpo Lark! I invested 0.138 btc into the powerledger ico. this isnt for a quick gain..looks like a long term investment. Mantenere il buon lavoro, i think your videos are great!

  3. Sì, I just got another 2 ETH worth, just before the 15% bonus ended today. Looks like a really good project with a solid team. It also has some good backers.

  4. Great video again, come di solito. Allodola, any idea what will happen to the BTC price after september 30th?

  5. Great question, it will likely be rough ride, let’s hope that the Japanese and Koreans can keep demand high enough

  6. Kia ora my brother from another mother, huge fan, keep pumping out the vids mate and we’ll keep watching. Would be interested in seeing your take on PayPie 😀

  7. This must be the most requested ICO at the moment, will get it out one of these days soon mate! Hope you are enjoying the election action

  8. I love your format. You don’t just talk about the news, you display the articles also, which makes it easier to remember.

  9. Grazie! I know the screen capture isn’t always the best, but it makes me hope that people can see the addresses and then go check it out themselves too!

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