New Coinbase Listings? + PETRO, VisionX and Goldman Sachs – Crypto Notizie di oggi

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in questo video, Mattie talks about Coinbase and their future plans to list more cryptocurrencies. He also gives you the latest crom Goldman Sachs and the Venezuelan crypto, Petro. Si tratta di un segmento di tutti i giorni!
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New Coinbase Listings? + PETRO, VisionX and Goldman SachsToday's Crypto News

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35 Commenti

  1. I think ETN deserves a spot on coinbase. Has use case and kyc and aml compliance. It’s a no brainer!

  2. last i heard him 2 weeks ago and his microphone went out! i think hes in asian countries traveling

  3. i would not trust petro, they can just print as much as they want. Those scum just want to make some quick bucks, they should just use a fast crypto like digibyte and electroneum.

  4. ETN is the first moblie miner that has been integrated on smartphones👌🏽👉🏽100% kyc

  5. Xrp should be the next coin listed. If coinbase is about making money and bridging the gap on cryto acceptance they need to add Xrp. They are truly behind the ball regarding Xrp and have lost lots and lots of money for continuing to pass it up. Soon ripple will have so many liquid providers and bank support they will not need coinbase.

  6. Electroneum is the one. Electroneum will dominate eventually. Its only just begun.. they’re making huge progress. Its inevitable for mass adoption. Great videa as always Matty 👍

  7. WPR deserves attention it’s way ahead than RED and POWR in terms of development also listed in binance.

  8. +Titin Brigola electroneum has been trash ever since it took a reddit user to find a problem (big enough to shut down thhe entire block-chain) and the electroneum founders refused to even acknowledge him but they fixed it anyway. they are a trash company, they do very little on their own product and rely instead on hype

  9. I would like to see IOTA listed .. but even with IXI hub, it´s more complicated for exchanges than erc20

  10. +advanced racer yeah but to be fair its still on its infancy stage im sure even Microsoft had issues in the beginning . What about its instant payment system Its patened pending thats gotta count for something ? Not mention its the 1st kyc compliant, doesnt that count for anything ?

  11. Titin Brigola dude there’s like 500 coins that have patents.. all it means is they paid a lawyer to write something up..

  12. I lost numerous times trying to trade on my own before I was introduced to him last year.

  13. BAT would be a good one for bridging that gap, but I think XRP will be one of the next added. I’d love to see DGB added

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