NEO – Will it be the Ethereum Killer?

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One of the hootest coins out there at the moment is NEO. Do you know what it is? Are you already involved?

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NEO – Will it be the Ethereum Killer?

17 Commenti

  1. great question, I am sure we will see it, the only question is when. Alternatively why not store it on a desktop wallet?

  2. Antshares $NEO$ it will be like new etherium. Etherium price was at 10usd and rise till 400usd. Same will be with Neo its great time to buy it and hold. Low circulation supply , now it is in top 10 , great dev team , it will be bomb

  3. Baron Mate Thinking the same thing. Considering selling 25 LTC and putting it into NEO. Only have 112 NEO at the moment.

  4. Very very good timing. If I had of listened to your advice i would have 10x my investment

  5. NEO is a good project and I am a current investor since 9$. I however think there is a better project coming in june- EOS
    EOS is going to give you amazing returns IF Dan Larimer and his team deliver on what is promised, but I think some people throwing predictions out there are a little hopeful. I predict the price could be $50 and over giving it a market cap of over 50 billion by August, provided that the EOS platform does not have any problems. after that it can surely go above 100 to meet ethereums current market cap. I believe they will succeed with this project based on his past track record with Bitshares, Graphene and Steem. If EOS performs at the speed it claims at the release in June, ethereum will most likely have no way to compete. instead of Gas there is a 5% inflation which could beburnedor reintroduced to developers to make dapps on the eos network. EOS’ platform is different than anything out there. DPOS is starting to prove that it is the best method of confirmation, due to no fees and free transactions, No wasted electricity in “estrazione” coins that amounts to hundreds of billions of lost value every year. As soon as the majority starts to realize this concept, i believe there will be a paradigm shift of people moving money out of other ethereum like coins and into EOS and other DPOS platforms. A lot of people are going to comment that NEO and Cardano, NON, Lisk, stellar are better, but they haven’t done their research! Picture the EOS vs Eth debate like a grocery store. ETH has one checkout line while EOS can open up many parallel checkout lines depending on demand. If something like Crypto kitties gets a lot of notariety and usage, the Ethereum based platform will bog down which is what we saw when crypto kitties came out. EOS will handle thousands of apps like this with no problem. You could host all of the credit card transactions worldwide on the EOS platform, but that’s not accounting for any of the other use cases for EOS. It could truly change everything about the way we do business, settle disputes, and can infinitely scale as use cases arise. I will be glad to explain any of these points in further detail and share the knowledge i have attained in this market for the past several years in return for donations. If anyone feels generous enough to donate litecoin, bitcoin, contanti bitcoin, EOS, Eth, or any other Eth based ERC-20 Tokensplease donate to
    bitcoin: 1zk5aiWbhoLbntjVuC4SyHmEAhbHKGJR4 Litecoin: LSoZEUGUuADANWXtSJMT4XcCh4PpKgFXtq bitcoin cash: 1CKSvsvsmhJnN6Z4VADxTS2CWEGRmpv8nB ETHEREUM: 0x74Cfa19c03eCCfD846aDaFC2Ac9A1a4E7a30069A

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