NEO Prezzo e Notizie – Get in before it is too late!

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Neo è così caldo in questo momento, and for good reason!

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disconoscimento: Tutto qui espresso il mio parere e non ufficiale consulenza per gli investimenti

Grazie per la visione!
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NEO Prezzo e Notizie – Get in before it is too late!

26 Commenti

  1. NEO is like an all-in-one packageusing Blockchain for aSmart Economy”…
    an instiutional piece of the crypto framework

  2. And you were correct, it’s $37 now, more than double. I think I’ll probably go all in with my savings. China has a huge population, there’s no way I’ll lose money in the long term. I might lose in the short term.

  3. Short term indeed there will be dips, but remember you only lose money when you sell below what you bought for, be in for the long road and it will pay off

  4. I want to invest in NEO and IOTA atm, have around 1k euros. What do you think I should invest more in?

  5. you can get iota on bitfinex right now, im an american and they havnt booted me off yet!

  6. Love your vids Lark, keep em comingI’m on the Verge on subscribing to your channel 🙂 IOTA do that right now. The Factom is that you are among the very best here. Got into ANS at 6$ and hodling NEO. Let us see what happens. 🙂

  7. I would go with Iota before buying Neo!!! The iota use case is just almost perfect for a crypto leading currency and might outperfom ethereum!

  8. +Steven Lam i sry im not happy that u lost, im with also i bought with 50 $ , but dont worry it will come back i think after this bitcoin cash wave 😉

  9. dude i love how u talk even when im losing 😀 in that coin
    amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing 😀 hhahaahhaahahah
    do u have trade view account to follow ?

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