NEM Interview With Alex from Inside NEM

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Today Alex and I talk all things NEM and more !
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NEM Interview With Alex from Inside NEM

32 Commenti

  1. Nem is a gem 💎

    Another project you should check out is Blockpool, it just listed on Cryptopia. It’s an ARK fork for B2B.

    Small supply, great team and partnerships. One recent partnership is with music artist BJORK.

  2. A Fantastic interview & inspirational informative Guest . I think you should have a round table with Charlie Lee on the future of crypto…!! A contemporary documentary. Perhaps make a coin to fund it 😛

  3. I think when a representative speaks from the heart like here, I am reassured & have faith in the project <. it's completion & adoption 🙂 Many faceless ICOS could learn from this. It shows both integrity & accountability.

  4. Hey Lark, I really Like Your ShowsThis show was quite eye opening to me about NEM marketing show. Is there also a un-cutted version of this broadcast available 🙂keep on the good work Lark. Long live the blockchainpeace out

  5. Bel video. Def see the potential in NEM (VISTA) I’m sitting on 30 monete! Look forward to seeing some more video’s too! Take it easy!

  6. She blew it at Trump. So Trump, a self made billionaire, high iq, business background like no other and she’s shaky about economy. While Obama, a community organizer, low life from way back holds her confidence. And I’m suppose to listen to her.

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