MyEtherWallet / MyCrypto Split & Drama

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MyEtherWallet has had a dramatic split into MyCrypto with the co-founder and team jumping ship to create a similar but alternative project. Lots of unanswered questions abound as the drama unfolds.


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MyEtherWallet / MyCrypto Split & Drama

24 Commenti

  1. I’ll be using MyEtherWallet. They’ve been trustworthy in the past and the founder who has stuck with it clearly aims to continue the site. As for MyCrypto, they will need to build community trust for me from scratch. They could very easily have a sinister motive (or not of course) which made them want to split.
    *MEW > MyCrypto for the time being.*

  2. *patiently waiting for the Ethos universal wallet* 🤓

    Thanks for the great info! We can always count on you, Allodola. 👍👍

  3. I didn’t find MEW to be that user friendly. I’ll stick with my Eidoo wallet. Easy to understand beautiful layout….

  4. Myetherwallet or mycrypto are the same ,,,Your tokens are stored in your private key.

  5. Taylor stealing the twitter account is such a punk move that I will NEVER support the MyCrypto project. If she and other members didn’t like the current situation they could have bought Kosala out and ran MyEtherWallet as they see fit. Instead they think theft is the better option. Good luck explaining that in court. U’ll notice that when Kosala did work on the project the last 6 months it was fixing Taylor’s coding f#%kups. I’ll be sticking with MyEtherWallet.

  6. I don’t find Eidoo to be user friendly at all and I’m a Sr. UX Designer. Professionally, I get paid for finding issues in application user flows and creating fixes for them.

    1. No instructions in app or on the site as to how to get the list from coinmarketcap visually represented.
    2. No copy for the receiving address? How did you get your ETH into the app? It’s a standard UI pattern across almost all desktop and mobile solutions to have acopy addresstext or icon for accomplishing that task.
    3. Trust Wallet, one of many wallets I own, adds the ERC’s exactly like it should. It makes it clear that it’s addedautomagicallyor that you can do it manually and the interface is exactly like adding tokens to metamask so the experience translates well from others tools to this tool.
    4. While I understand that English may not be the developer’s main language, to avoid user confusion he needs to audit the copy on his website and especially the app. Look the depth of the team and then look at the site language again.
    5. Do you know why most of the Eidoo team actually has no record of ever working at Eidoo? Most of the team belongs to a company called Etnograph, which was co-founded by their UX architect? Some people like the CTO is also a developer? That’s maybe not abnormal but what is is why he has two profiles spaces to make their team seem deeper than it really is?
    6. I personally don’t believe a UX designer or UI designer worth their salt worked on this app.

    Etnograph is listed as a partner, yet Eidoo took every profile from under that partner bucket (just logos mind you) and blew it out into their team section. There’s a few problems with that and it seems like this company may have some ethical issues.

  7. I do no trust Taylor ( The way she stole the Twitter account from MEW. This is not how to behave as being co-founder of MEW. I stick with MEW.

  8. I will not put my coins in MyCrypto.
    Taylor left MEW without any notice and also stole their Twitter account.

  9. I do not trust people who betrayed their former partners. I will not choose mycrypto. I think MEW will be safe for me.

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