My TOP FIVE Tips for Day Trading On The Robinhood AppMo’ Money Mondays

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My TOP FIVE Tips for Day Trading On The Robinhood AppMo’ Money Mondays

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  1. Переверните)) Открытый ICO Telegram-раунд собрал более 70% средств за несколько дней ) эти монеты будут сильно расти в цене однозначно после флотации ) их надо покупать пока будет хорошо!

  2. Please, give the information about Odyssey in the next release. I have receive coins from their airdrop yesterday Now I think about is it better to sell them now or to hold for a long term!

  3. love the videos.. i don’t like the jumping and clipping on this video. I know it’s cool.. but it’s distracting and I’m getting motion sickness

  4. I’m telling you that this year the biggest growth will be shown by the GRAM cryptocurrency! This is Telegram token

  5. Do you know of a good day trading app that is relatively inexpensive? Thanks in advance

  6. I’ve been trading for 15 anni. Made decent money with blue chips. My advice to you. 1. Don’t do day trade. Buy and hold onto bluechip ompanies like apple google or amazon. 2. Start with small investment. This way you won’t panic with fluctuations. 3. Lastly be brave when everyone is afraid.

  7. If I have more than $25000 is there any limit day trade? Can we do more than 1 time day trade in the same xyz stock in the same day ?

    Per esempio, I bought xyz stock in 10 sono, sell it on 12 pm. Bought the same xyz stock again at 2 pm, and sell again at 3 pm.

  8. No. It doesn’t. It just takes 3 a 5 days to get your money back everytime you make a sell or transfer, unless you have Robinhood gold.

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