My Stash Invest MAX PROFIT PORTFOLIO after 9 settimane!

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Impegno $1 e diventare un DWELLER TECHCRACKHOUSE OGGI!

Acquistare, vendere, cosa dovrebbe essere fatto?

Tenerlo sintonizzato proprio qui sul Techcrackhouse per le notizie, suggerimenti, e il modo migliore per investire.

Si prega di iscriversi e come, aiuta molto.
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androide: = = it

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IOS: = 8

androide: = = it&gl noi =

Ghiande Main-page:

Io sono in alcun modo un mercato professionale; Usa il tuo giudizio PROPRIO QUANDO ACQUISTO AZIONI E COMUNQUE. Io non sono responsabile per utili o perdite che possono verificarsi.

IL MERCATO è intrinsecamente RISCHIOSO, E si dovrebbe investire solo quello che stai COMPLETAMENTE disposti a perdere.

My Stash Invest MAX PROFIT PORTFOLIO after 9 settimane!

23 Commenti

  1. I watched your video advising that stash fees are a rip off and that robinhood is cheaper. Is this still the case? What if you have over $5000.00 invested?
    I enjoy your videos, keep them up.

  2. I have been investing in stash and now have over $5000 invested shld i switch it over to robinhood to save on unnecessary fees?

  3. I’ve had acorns for about a month, what’s the biggest difference? why do you like stash better?

  4. Maarifa Arnett the auto-stash feature is better than the round ups imo but the biggest thing is you’re picking the ETFs that YOU want and in doing so, I’ve been having way higher return rates. Similar to this channel, I have the 4 main etfs that he uses but in addition to 5 other etfs.

  5. I think the fee would switch to .25% of your money (which is $12.50) However that would seem like a smart thing to do if you like to have a better look at controlling where your money goes where

  6. If anyone is curious about using robinhood app message me first! There is a thing where if make an account with my link both of us get free stock in whatever it is. Basically a win for both you and me!

  7. So whats your change of heart from a video about 4-5 mesi fa?. I have over $6000 in stash on 11 ETFs and it’s doing great!! 🤔

  8. So what changed your mind about stash and showing that it does well vs your previous video in June about stash being complete bs? You go one way the the complete opposite!

  9. Your focus on objective and fair reporting is so refreshing with the ever growing contrast of content being released from Fox News vs CNN lol, so it’s definitely appreciated!

  10. You have to be with acorns for the long haul. Stash has more active funds that can do better in the short run.

  11. I would open up a fidelity account and put it in some low cost ETF’s that are spread out like SPX. If you are young, max your Roth IRA out and also, after you max at $5,500 a year, put the remainder in a low cost market ETF. With no experience, this is the best option.

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