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  1. I can agree with this video…… Ive had stash for a few months now and as you said, its not the apps fault but the performance of the ETFs could be better. Ive been thinking of pulling out and putting it to my Robinhood account. I love Robinhood ( I currently actively use Robinhood and Acorns). Bel video!

  2. I love Stash more than Acorn. Personalmente, putting a lot of money in all your ETFS is not the best choose. putting the smallest amount in all your investment and waiting until one it goes over 1%. Thats when you must put most of your $$ a. while still keeping all the other ETFs with the minimun ($5). Cuz even if it does bad your only going to loses a few cents

  3. lol well you invested in a mutual fund for real estate when nobody is buying houses, that’s why you lost money.

  4. So their commercials aren’t up to your standards and you think its supposed to make more money after less then a quarter . Good to know.

  5. am i wrong for thinking its good? honestly I’m new to investing in generali put in a small amount nothing crazy(only bought 2 ETF), within a few days i was able to buy more with a total return of $92

  6. +Mike P if you like it, then you aren’t wrong! I have a strong opinion on stash, but my opinion is by no means fact. I am glad to hear that you’re using it effectively.

  7. Personally it has been working for me since I invest really small amount of money into STASH, but thank you for the suggestion. I will try it out with a least half of my profile, is always good to try something new.

  8. You need to focus on the whole point more. You provide irrelevant banter that gets annoying to sit through when I just want to know the main focus.

  9. Donald James Oliva What doesBuy the dip, sell the topmean? I put 200 bucks in an aggressive fund last October, unistalled the app and completely forgot about it. Adesso, I’ve got $236, lol, $36 aumentare! Recently reinstalled the app & I’m ready to jump back in the game. Going to invest $200 every 2 settimane. Do you have any suggestions? Should I stay with the aggressive or mix it up? I think the A. io. Fund will do fairly well. Any pointers?

  10. I invest in things that will be strong in 20 years easy people not just buying houses i rather pump money into the government defending their military

  11. After investing about $5000 into eight different ETF’s in my Stash portfolio over 18 mesi, Ho fatto più di $450!

  12. I am interested in getting started w/ this. Saving $388 a month and I am looking into this & other means for indirect income.

  13. Concordato – a lot of the ETFs on Stash have hot ticker symbol names, but pretty high fees

  14. I have like 2 etfs and the rest are STOCKS. You are right, people are just lazy to look up stocks and gather their own info

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  16. I’m sorry my guy you seem cool but you just ramble on and on its kills me and makes me wanna click off

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