My Robinhood Stock Portfolio Through HELL WEEKHow Did It Do?

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My Robinhood Stock Portfolio Through HELL WEEKHow Did It Do?

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  1. Should we invest more in Amazon, Berkshire and Chase with the news that Amazon, Berkshire and Chase are making plans to combine forces to provide more affordable health care? Or should we just focus on one of the big three such as Amazon? Amazon

  2. Do you keep your protfolio on an exchange?.. please tell me that you do not do that…. By the way I’m more of a horder and I look carefully at the market and take my decisions on instinct and allot of news, real news and overal social panic 😉 Amazon

  3. Thanks for all the info! I started using robinhood and acorn after watching your videos. Amazon.

  4. My portfolio, all of 2 weeks old, recovered today as well. Mine is much smaller, but I’m back in the green with the pharma pennies.
    How about Amazon?

  5. Thanks for all the good advice. I’m going to download Robinhood and give it a try getting ready for some Amazon to put in it and combine what I have in coinbase and binance. I would ne interested to see a more in depth video of the Robinhood app and features for somebody that’s just getting the app and using it for the first time or maybe even some stuff for people that have it it’s more advanced if there’s features like that like I had no idea about being able to have coinbase on a schedule take out money from your account until you made that video earlier and I got my account all straightened out right after that so thanks again. Amazon!

  6. The-X-Factor i picked up a bunch of berk right before the announcement. Chase is a sound bet as well. Chase payment tech IS square which has been a strong buy as well. Chase is also a partner to First Data Corp another strong buy. Amazon has nowhere to go but everywhere, they are probably the strongest buy. Im not a financial advisor but i have a very passionate relationship with financials

  7. iTuber012 ooohh I get it so he sold tech CRACK house and became tech CASH houseIt makes sense now lol

  8. Glad to hear your holding position of looking for the long term. I think that is the most stable position for the market, as one is attempting to make their investment improve the company they are investing. amazon

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