My M1 Finance Portfolio After 2 MESI!

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androide: = = it

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Io sono in alcun modo un mercato professionale; Usa il tuo giudizio PROPRIO QUANDO ACQUISTO AZIONI E COMUNQUE. Io non sono responsabile per utili o perdite che possono verificarsi.

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My M1 Finance Portfolio After 2 MESI!

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  1. You should make a poster behind you of a line graph with a line going up that says 10,000 subscribers haha so every time you reach the goal you change it to the next one.

  2. Thanks for another review! We just wanted to note that for those investors who don’t want to customize their portfolios, we have professionally designed templates for different goals they can start with.

  3. Ciao, and sorry for the delayed response. To answer your questions, you can buy nearly every ETF available on the NYSE, NASDAQ and Bats exchanges. There are a very small amount of ETFs that have very limited distribution, so we don’t sell them on our platform. For fractional shares, sì, we do allow customers to purchase any securities as fractional shares, so you can easily be diversified, and every penny goes to work. Finalmente, the fee is 00.25% AFTER the first $1,000, and yes, that is our platform fee. Any fees that funds may charge are in addition. Thanks for your interest in M1!

  4. Sometimes your videos are confusing. For example I’ve watched 3 of your videos about Stash invest. in 2 of them you say you don’t like the app and in another video you praise it because you liked the return you received. That’s mixed messaging.

  5. M1 finance I’m having difficulties setting up a pie, not sure what I’m doing wrong. Once I go in to try and save my pie, it tells me it needs to be at 100% not sure where I’m going wrong.

  6. THANKS FOR THE WEALTH OF INFORMATION I’ve decided to open an M1 account and start off with 250. I was looking into Robinhood but I’m not a rich man and I’ll cease automatic deposits into acorns. They’re some household name brands in the toilet as forward to their stock price I am itching to buy into but also wanted to buy into some stable ETF’s and massively priced global companies.

  7. LOL I just found out about this app and investment vehicle it is so awesome not having to pay brokerage fees to buy normal stocks at seven bucks a pop!

  8. I would too if they sent me a CHECK for every SUCKER who opens an ACCOUNTthat being SAID I love M1…..i am SIMPLY talking about the fact that you said he invest in EVERYTHINGthere is NOTHING wrong WITH THAT….just not sure how he remembers all those usernames and passwords lol

  9. You should look into VIG over VOO. VTI does almost the same job as VOO. Arguably, yes VIG holds similar funds to VTI and VOO, yet VIG focuses on dividends which is better in a down market. (Something like 33% less impact in down market? Don’t quote me on that. Most of the money making companies on the S&P are dividend paying companies, which VIG holds.)
    Vanguard’s company doesn’t even offer VOO anymore to their own employees.
    VBR Also gives value small cap exposure that VTi and VIG neglect. Small cap value (VBR) outperforms small cap (VB) and mid cap value.

  10. I get confused with these types of videos. M1 isnt a robo advisor. So reviewing them as though they’re one makes no sense. It’s like bidding using any other normal brokerage.

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