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  1. I also have betterment and I also have the safety net account it’s more of a leave money in there and save and I put money into my account every two weeks it’s a easy safe way to invest if I don’t know what ur doing

  2. You can’t expect much if you are only investing $250 per 1 mese.
    That’s like giving D effort and expecting an A.

  3. your math is wrong. $3.07 è un 1.228% return in one month if you multiply that by 12 it is $36.84 in a year and that is a 14.736% annual return on investment not a 6% like you said on your video. i encourage anyone to do the math… a proposito 14.73% ROI is fantastic especially for asafety netaccount.

  4. javierleyvajr agreed. I was going in my head, $3 a month is north of 1%. 1% volte 12 months is over 12%. That’s way more than the six saying, where is he getting 6%? And then I see your math and I’m like, doh, he did it wrong. Grazie!

  5. If you are complaining about a safety net that’s pulling 14% a year, I don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish. You should be jumping up and down telling everyone.

  6. These products are not meant toget rich quickso to speak. This for people who don’t know about investing or don’t have time to deal with it. It’s meant to be conservative, but better than a CD by far.

  7. Our local bank in my country give 17% annual for keep your money with them for a year, così 14% is nothing at all to risk with your money in this investment

  8. that’s about 1.51% not .5% :/

    that’s, si, di 14% annually. Idealmente, you’d be feeding the account another 250 each month. It’s basiclly a savings account. Frankly, that’s not far off a traditional bank’s rate.

  9. The safety net setting is the safest setting if I’m not mistaken. They have different goal settings that are much more aggressive and you can manually adjust how aggressive your investments are. So your problem isn’t necessarily that you didn’t invest enough. It’s that you don’t entirely understand the product and you’re asking it to do something that it’s not designed for.

    My safety net is at 40/60 stocks/bonds but my sons education fund is 73/27 stocks/bonds.

  10. lmao I only put in 40 a month cuz I’m a broke college student. I’m not getting rich but it’s so cool seeing that I’m getting more money. Even if it’s only 2 digits lmao.

  11. sì, sono d'accordo… I have mine set to 90% stocks and 10% obbligazioni, which is aggressive. He just has it set to safety net. If you hope to see more return you have to be willing to take more risk.

  12. What on earth are you talking about? $3.07 in one month equates to over $36 in a year, which makes your annual ROI over 14%. You should be happy instead of being unimpressed. Stick the same amount in a BoA account and you’ll get $0.125.

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