My Acorns Agressive Portfolio after 3 SETTIMANE!

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My Acorns Agressive Portfolio after 3 SETTIMANE!

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  1. +Guillermo Ernesto Escobar W. Bene, it is only $100 after a few weeks. It’s to be expected.

  2. TechCrackHouse / Robinhood App Support Group I was referring to Snapchat, my apologies. And yes it is just 100 bucks and only 3 mesi.

  3. Bel video. I’m on all three platforms as well. Mainly Robinhood, but have small contributions going into acorns for my wife and stash for myself. I love how easy it is to use Acorns.

  4. I’ve been with acorns for about two months and have seen a change go from 27 a 50 now I’m hanging around the 39s but it’s at it’s best at the moment. I like it and I’m happy bc I know nothing of investing but I’d like to learn more so I can financially take care of my family.

  5. Hey Just started using Robinhood today after seeing all your hype vids 🙂 Was curious what’s a good portfolios structure I can match my acorn portfolio with. Be great if you can make a comparison video between portfolios that is Robinhood and similar investments acorns is using. i have pretty much been using acourns app as a guide to how i want to invest on robinhood

  6. so if we make say, $50, how do we take it out and put it into our bank account? I just started it and only invested $5 because I’m scared I won’t make any money

  7. itsoliviarose acorns is linked to your bank account. Which is used to transfer funds between the two, you’ll have to set up a withdrawal through acorns, which they’ll sell your stocks, then move it over to your bank. Which takes about 5-7 business days (Monday -Friday).

  8. I just started with acorn so not much opinion..look forward to hear your thoughts and ideas..I guess I still have much to learn

  9. +Pwoppop Pwoopoo I did and do! Why miss out, destra? It’s fun to invest in different things.

  10. I believe the most important thing about Acorns is longevity. 10-15-20 anni. If your company does not provide a savings account, one can do it here. Not to think of this as some sort of short term trading account. Ovviamente, one can draw money out at will, not like an IRA or 401, and it is taxable. But one is immediately diversified. But not to beat yourself up, because the funds you are in dropped a few dollars, eccetera. IMHO. Clyde the Glide.

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  13. so the found money acorns thing can i make purchases at the store with a card or it has to be online purchases ?

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