My Acorns AGGRESSIVE PORTFOLIO After 2.5 mesi!

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My Acorns AGGRESSIVE PORTFOLIO After 2.5 mesi!

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Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

43 Commenti

  1. This is only after 10 settimane! It’s an aggressive can’t expect a lot after such a short amount of

  2. You clearly don’t understand the nature of equity investing. Just because you chose what Acorn indicated was anAggressive” portafoglio (simply based on its asset allocation) doesn’t automatically mean an investment return. It also means a high degree of VOLATILITY, both internally as well as relative to the overall market.

    You stated you “…expected aggressive investment accounts to gain… in giro 20 to 25%”. Based on what benchmark? Over what time period? With how much volatility?

    See where I’m going with this?

  3. “So far, the performance of the acorns portfolio has been pretty underwhelming.”

    The guy has a principal of $365.54 and has only held the investments for 2.5 mesi. You need to put in more time and money into it to see better gains. Investing and getting great returns doesn’t happen overnight

  4. I stopped watching after you stated that you expect returns in the 20-25% gamma. You need to get more realistic expectations.

  5. bayougrande b yeah I know it’s just what u said made alot of sense to me. That’s all sorry if you thought I was being smart. Wasn’t I just started using this app and it seems to be working quite good for me.

  6. No one gets 25%, when you do financial planning you use 6-8% annual growth rates. I stopped watching when I realized you have no idea what you are talking about.

  7. Ok as a financial, the words expect and risk should not be in the same sentence. “I wouldexpectit to make 20-25% because it ishigh risk.I couldn’t help but laugh out loud!

  8. ya your 20-25% expecation (as others have stated) is absolutely crazy. If you could obtain those returns you would be in the warren buffett / Charlie Munger league.

  9. Want high risk high returnsthrow that $360 into forex and drop 5 standards a pip 😂😂

  10. But then again the title of the video is how his portfolio is doing in 2.5 mesi. And an app like acorn is designed to accommodate beginners with low investments.

  11. Bro your only depositing $10.. that’s why! I invest $400 un mese! Plus add 1 time payments randomly for 100 several times a month! On 3× round ups

  12. no one? I bought stocks once when I was in high school. knew nothing about technical analysis, but was able to spot a seasonal trend and doubled my first investment in a matter of 3 mesi (ticker PKS). I never kept with it after that until 13 years later I built a portfolio. Earned 5% in roughly 3 months again. Sold all my positions for an OTC company and that went up 1500% in a matter of 2 mesi….

    Dontsay no one gets it. Plenty of people that spend the time learning and doing tons of due diligence, analyzing, & planning crush it in the stock market.

  13. he said in the beginning he made less than 1% profit? that seem low to me regardless of how much he as on the account, he might have 10 dollars of 10000 dollars gains in % are the same, when it comes to profits, and less than 1% profit really sucks on an aggressive portfolio.

  14. Honestly I joined knowing it would be a glorified savings account. That’s basically what I wanted anyway 🙂

  15. This YouTube channel lost all credibility after he said 20-25%. Was it appropriate to laugh as hard as I did at this?

  16. +bahhaziz everyone would be doing that is it was the case. the stock market averages 10% a year first of all. and an aggressive portfolio means high majority (or all) riserve. I am an analyst at morgan stanley.

  17. Exactly! Have investing in finhabits for about a year now. And Finally i can see some money.

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