Mio 5 Il più grande Bitcoin & Errori Crypto Explained [Non fare questo]

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These are my 5 biggest crypto mistakes, don't do these things!
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Mio 5 Il più grande Bitcoin & Errori Crypto Explained [DON'T DO THIS]

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51 Commenti

  1. I got FOMO’d when one of my investments 10x’d, to where I could buy a supernode in another project I Love. Great entry moving into something with a 90% correction from ATH right? Sbagliato, had I waited I could have bought my supernode for much much less and retained much more of my project that 10x’d. Patience is a virtue.

  2. Your comment is so true!!…. I think a lot of us would like to go back and slap our 2017 se stesso!! lol

  3. yayI’m way too diversified alsoLooking for an a window to trim the holdings and focus on top projects.

  4. Early on I tried trading and lost money. No I just hold it and collect free Bitcoin in interest every month. Slow and steady wins the race for me.

  5. My mistake was to keep my bitcoin on the exchange, I have lost a ton of bitcoin on Mt. GOX, and Cryptsy exchanges. I keep everything off the exchange, I don’t even trust coinbase to hold my bitcoin.

  6. Biggest mistake? I don’t think anyone can beat my two HUGE mistakes !!!!! NUMBER ONE. My son is an aerospace and computer science engineer. I was about to drop him off at the airport some years ago when he told me that a friend of his was asking him to help him with something called Bitcoindigital money. I was instantly intrigued, but he spent about 9 months in Europe being a vagabond and so I couldn’t really talk to him further. He had told me that the value of Bitcoin was like .001 cents and then he laughed and said, “I dont know…” But I went online and tried to figure it out; what I found was, bene, very cryptic and nearly unintelligible. I couldn’t even learn how to get any Bitcoin, but I spent a few days trying to figure it out. I thought, “What if I could buy $100 worth and it goes up to say, “$1” in value. Bene, it went to $100 rather quickly. I would have been worth at least $100 million had I found a way, because once it reached even $1 o $2, I surely would have bought more. NUMBER TWO: This same son, called me in late December 2017 e detto, Bitcoin is going WAY up! It’s worth almost $20,000 now! His same friend had gotten him into it and of course, I bought at near the top. Talk about extremes. Oh bene!

  7. Grazie per la condivisione.
    Anyone who’s been in trading for any length of time eventually tastes the Trader’s Breakfast Special, which is egg on the face.
    The Late Great Stanley Kroll

  8. Thanks for sharing Lark! I’ve made a few mistakes myself. Back in 2017, I was the definition of a noob. Invested in ICO’s, used credit cards to buy the pumps, Bitconnect, no plan or strategy. Looking back at it, there was a pretty steep learning curve, but now I feel like a tested and battle hardened soldier. Grateful to be a long on this journey with you. Keep rockinit in your videos. Saluti!

  9. If you are not using leverage then there should be no daily taxyou just enter the price and wait

  10. Too many Crypto’s ? The dust in my wallets may exceed some people’s entire portfolio. #dontmakethatmistake

  11. I went to some earlier videos, same mistake, earliest versions were in t-shirts😆🤪😆😃😉

  12. Tried trading in/out in/ out+ fees.I’m right where started 8mnths ago.Now will hodl and buy dips! ♡◇♡◇♡

  13. My biggest mistake: buying altcoins before buying Bitcoin.

    BTW I love being over-diversified. It reminds me of primary school where lots of kids used to have sticker albums. 🙂

  14. @Julien You could possibly buy it, depending on whether you had contact with some of the early developers. That’s how selling and buying started: mining in the basements of nerds, and selling in person on IRC, forums and eventually localbitcoins.

  15. Isaiah Valencia just visit the websites and see for yourself instead of waiting for a comment would be my suggestion next time. Put simply, those are lending platforms where you can offer your crypto to people that want to lend money, in most cases it is totally save because if you want to lend you have to back that up with crypto beforehand.

  16. Hahaha don’t worry! I bought close too 1000btc in 2011 and sold at stupid prices most of my hold in 2013. Also had a wallet from 2011 with 40-50btc on a usb that my wife put through the washing machine! La cosa è … don’t worry! We have so many life changing new opportunities since then (ethereum antshareslife changing) we are earlyand we learn fr o m experience. The next round is yours! See you on the yacht in Monaco. In bocca al lupo.

  17. Actually I th I k it’s correct what Is said above. prior to 2011 btc could not be bought. The cheapest I recall it was about $5usd that was 2011. Before that it basically could not be purchased. It had to be mined or gifted and was only known by the devs and famous cypherpunk crowd. Even for us late comers we had to organise the purchase online and then run to the bank within 30minutes to deposit money.

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