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  1. Now the Civic Founder and blockchain entrepreneur Vinny Lingham, believes we’re at the “beginning of a recovery,” adding that BTC could test its all-time high of $20k at some point in the near future:
    The cryptocurrency market has been in a bear cycle since the start of 2018, with most cryptos losing 80 percent or more of their values since then. però, the recent price spike seems to have changed the overall sentiments as most analysts now believe that BTC is on its way to recovery. explaining that everybody should buy more and join the gain, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Walter’s strategy, i was able to make 7bt with 1.5bt in 3 settimane con la stessa strategia, You can reach him on Waltertrading10 @yahoo. Com

  2. Walter’s strategy is lucrative, but I made 2.87 bitcoin with 1 bitcoin in 28 giorni, unlike my friends, they made higher and we signed up on it the same time, is there anything am doing wrong.

  3. I have a similar testimony, with 2.5Btc, I already have 10.5Btc and its just a month since i contacted him.

  4. Trading successfully is when you got the right strategy. Trading with strategy has brought me great success. I have never seen a strategy as consistent as his

  5. We still need to dump out the speculation first and show the SEC a safe entry price to approve institutionsto officially enter on.
    $1250 BTC would be a fair price and one the SEC would like us to show them, there is still enough time to show them a price they’d like to approve the BTC ETFs on before the halving. Been only around 800-1200k to mine with the new 7mn hardware on good industrial rates no way the SEC will let institutions buy in now and get professionally dumped hard on.

  6. We need more “stabilità ???” NO WE DON’T. What weneeeeedis for people like you to wake up and smell the free market. What weneedis for people like you to stop boot licking the governments henchmen known as “regolatori”. (a sweet word for third party interlopers with violence as their weapon rather than voluntary trade and peaceful interaction. a sweet word to disguise the fact that they are person C in an A and B transaction and that they ‘needto SEE (C) their way out of our business.) What weneedis for people like you to learn about economics. I recommend Hazlett’seconomics in one lessonor anything by Mises or Rothbard or more to the point… leggere “the End Of All Evilby Jeremy Locke, and learn all of the things you thought you knew about this world but you DIDN’T. What weneedis to be left alone to make the same kind of great PROFITS from this market as the big boys have been doing from financial investing since the beginning of time. What weneedis NOT to have ‘stable crypto prices’..What we ‘needis the volatility to give us all a chance to make MONEY. We need the price of BTC to skyrocket 20 to 100X of what it is now (along with all the cryptos) so that WE THE POOR OF THE WORLD CAN GET A PIECE OF THE GOD DAMN ACTION TOO. I can also tell you what we —-DON’T—– NEEDwe ‘don’tneed people like you misinforming others that we need ‘stability’, or that we need ‘stable coinsor that we need ‘regulationsor that we need ‘mass government involvement or adoptionor that we need ‘the banksor that we need ‘corporations’. We DON’T. What we need is a free market of 7 TRILLION human beings trading cryptos in an A to B way, with ZERO interFEARance from interlopers. That is what weNEED”.

  7. @Dave c Wright made it clear BTC is going to zero, that’s when he wins the case, and he’s backed with the patent.

  8. Ok lets bet….I bet BTC will not be secondary to BSV.BTC will be over20k by eoy,you bet that BSV and wright are the real BTC and will be higher in price than BTC eoy.We can do a smart contract.Lets bet 10 btc or in your case the equivalent of 10 BTC,Ya gonna take it or prove your a phony paid shill of Wright!LMK

  9. @Al DeTrolio Ver is apeussy .He can be a pretend Martial arts man,he is emotionally immature and will end up broke as he is a crooksee his involvement with tether.Your killing me smalls!Hurts my Italian heritage.You probably like HEX and Richard the Gothic queen Heart.

  10. @Neville Robertson its open source a patent means nothingtake my bet you provider of fake info

  11. @Neville Robertson And Bitconnect said it was gonna make you rich.Your joking .You can’t really believe he is Satoshi?Are you taking my bet,as of now it would be 82,000 dollars.Yes or no.

  12. @Dave cSorry sir I can’t bet you, im playing off my SV purchase.I’m up, but rather pay my loan off first than bet with you.

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