Matrix AI Network MANThe AI Enabled Blockchain for One Belt One Road

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Matrix is promising to build a next level, high transaction, maximum security, AI enabled, natural language smart contract enabled, flexible hybrid blockchain…..oh and they are partnered with the Chinese government on the global infrastructure project called One Belt One Road valued at over a trillion dollars.

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Matrix AI Network MANThe AI Enabled Blockchain for One Belt One Road

33 Commenti

  1. Good morning Lark Man, I was wondering how long it would take you to tell the world about Matrix AI, thank you for the YouTube presentation.

  2. You know Lark, all your video is absolutely useful. You delivery the best of ICO reviews and news about this particular subject! Ottimo lavoro, thank you so much!

  3. Awesome review Crypto lark! I had bought some MAN last week, but you’ve convinced me to increase my position! Grazie!!!

  4. Hi Lark! I want to clarify something about the smart contracts. The reason why the team is confident that they can pull it off is because they have identified between 40-60 smart contract patterns. This means they’re able to use the AI for a maximum of just 60 permeations something their AI engine can easily do. And they are ahead of schedule on this part. This team won several AI challenges against Facebook, Microsoft, Stanford, eccetera. I’ve reviewed a lot of blockchain projects. The scope, the team, the tech, and the partnerships are *world class*. I have yet to see better and I have studied them hard. To get more information, they have a fan site :

  5. Great revieuw Lark I bought In this friday so hope you’re right on this one!
    Watched all youre Elastos revieuws and thats my biggest possition also have NEO so watched you a lot last 2 months 🙂
    Greets from the Netherlands!

  6. The Diagram is a bit outdated. Matrix tweeted last week that they are already capable of 50k tx/s. Matrix is probably the best project of 2018. Its a game changer and heavily undervalued at this point.

  7. My List is growing Lark. I am setting up a little Crypto club with my brother and sister who have also seen the light so we can share out the research. You do all the hard work finding, researching and then make great videos on them. all we need to do is DO OUR OWN RESEARCH and we are really powering towards a new world where we can Live how we want without trading our precious life hours for FIAT. Going on a bit here Lark but just wanted to let you know the real impact you are having in peoples lives. Grazie Lark. Top Man

  8. Trinity wants to scale Neo. If they merge into Matrix.. Wow! What a blockbuster..I mean, blocco catena…. I swear to god. If we have a governance platform come out called Morpheus I’m buying up all the tinfoil and moving to a cave.

  9. 50k in a closed network lab setting with no stress you forgot to add but very impressive nonetheless

  10. Great video Larky as always…. watch out for Apex Xinfin Ctxc and Letall interesting projects….seems like there are amazing new coins coming outexciting:-)))))

  11. Eccezionale! Glad I can add a bit of inspiration. Really cool to hear that you have your family involved with you

  12. Matrix AI is extremely undervalued. This project will be a top ten coin by the end of 2018 or Q1 of 2019.

  13. Thanks lark. Great video as usual. Can’t believe I missed this before. Amazing project, this is going to be the leader of the 3rd generation blockchains sometime in the next couple of years. Nothing out there with this amount of potential, exciting times.

  14. I have a question since you sound well versed. What do you think about Deep Brain Chain Vs Matrix AI

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