MASS ADOPTION INCOMING? + QuarkChain, Bittrex, Yahoo! Finanza – Crypto Notizie di oggi

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in questo video, Mattie talks about the recent news about Yahoo! Finance adding crypto to its trading platform. He also talks about Bittrex and their new usd trading pairs as well as quarkchain postponing their token launch and offering refunds for unsatisfied investors. Si tratta di un segmento di tutti i giorni.
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MASS ADOPTION INCOMING? + QuarkChain, Bittrex, Yahoo! Finanza – Today's Crypto News

33 Commenti

  1. Omg quotethe past week ADA has been up zero dot zero dot 5 dollari, so their has been some positive news

  2. except we’re talking about a $0.10 unit price. Said differently: ADA up 9.5% questa settimana

  3. We’re all equally guilty of wanting something immediately, or sooner rather than later, at one point or another. We can’t afford to wait. Time is money. Waiting means we won’t have what we want today. We may miss out on something we can experience now. We don’t want to wait for tomorrow.🤔

  4. The real question is, why make people wait 9-15 months more? there has been no valid reason for this move. The distribution was fair enough as it was…..a slow 10 month process.

  5. +Jorge Echeverri me too. Almost fomo’d near the top of the last run up. Glad I kept my head. Got in right as it was starting to pump last week.

  6. I’m a small time miner myself, but it seems for the most part, Cryptomining is dead right now. Not even worth mining at the moment and I usually run 24/7 so i turn my machines off.

  7. i think XRP is going to boom one more time! Their ecosystem is coming online. Banks will use it till more projects come online.Currently they are saving banks money.

  8. Did all of you buckle up and occupied mounting brackets in DENT rocket? We are going to fly to the moon with the cost in $10 per 1 DENT token! Airdrop

  9. Bel video, I love your Analytics! What thoughts about feniks finance ? I think the project that in the future will be the best cryptocurrency.

  10. Feniks in my opinion will be able to take the top 3, Ripple is able to, but Ripple is slow and does not perform its functions.

  11. I believe that in spite of everything feniks will create a financial system, and we will get a quality payment system! Even better than swift!

  12. Feniks are new technologies, new opportunities. I believe him ! We are waiting for changes feniks will be the main in this market.

  13. Feniks won the pitch who conducted Ian Balina!!! Dopo di che, I can say that this is the best project this year!

  14. Feniks very powerful project, I’m sure that its market capitalization will reach such heights that bitcoin and could not dream!

  15. Very excited about Yahoo Finance news! I use Yahoo Finance daily and integrated Bitcoin and Crypto is a big-time plus for this market.

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