Market Crash 2018, Time to Buy Bitcoin? Propaganda on the Blockchain- criptovaluta Notizie

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsas traditional stock markets fall is it an opportunity for Bitcoin? 20 Trillion dollar crypto market cap, Japan self regulates, Pepe comes to Brooklen and IDEX angers community

Stocks crash, Bitcoin to rise?

20 trillions crypto market

Japan Crypto Regulation

China Blockchain

Pepe in Brooklyn

‘The Rarest Showat The Bushwick Generator [Oct 25, Brooklyn]




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Market Crash 2018, Time to Buy Bitcoin? Propaganda on the Blockchain- criptovaluta Notizie

32 Commenti

  1. LOL! Your intros are awesome!
    LOL! The bitcoin rat. I always cringe when it’s on the desk, even though it’s fake.
    Yes I think panic on wall street will benefit Bitcoin but it will even more so when more easy connections are made between BTC and wall street.

  2. Big difference between stock market crash & correction. Currently it’s a correction so if anything a neutral effect, last time there was a correction BTC sold off, although the correlation was dubious. From a historical perspective, if there is outright panic and the Stock market sells off say 10-20% on a daily basis then everything will get soldeverything, including gold & BTC. The rush to liquidity is paramount and frenziedpeople want to be liquid REGARDLESS of anything elseie, 2008 schianto {before bitcoin admittedly} even gold sold off by 30%…Oro…the safe haven got slaughterd and safety was only perceived in the US dollar. My thesis remains the same ; A possible 12-18 months before total carnage in the stock/bond/property marketsperhaps btc can rally again in this timeframe BUT I would want to be 100% liquid before the crash comes as you will find that gold, btc etc can be had for possibly 30-50% cheaper after the immediate crash. It will be AFTER the dust settles that REAL HARD assets like BTC/Gold etc will truly shine.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to write a thoughtful comment, you make some really great points

  4. Is BitcoinRat a new fork? What are the features and how will it be better than Bitcoin Cash?

  5. All part of the master plan. Crash the market and drive the heard to bitcoin and digital currencies.

  6. And thankyou Lark for taking the time to reply. Although the space is not asdynamicas last year, old blokes like me remain patient but cautious. Timing of course is everything in life but imo BTC ain’t going nowhere. It’s here to doesn’t have to do anything really, just wait & watch while the whole corrupt, manipulated & bloated monetary/capitalist system comes a cropper. Fake money, falso “notizia”, fake economies, but BTC remains the only hard money out there. The masses will realise it when its too late as usual.

  7. Lmfao, Lark you the bees knees bro. Anytime i can laugh when i first wake up in the morning without my first cup of coffee is a good day. Really appreciate your dedication to your viewers. Your show is my day starter. Hope you have a good one m8. Thanks for your continued dedication.

  8. you are fast becoming the most entertaining , crypto utuber lark , love your little comedy sketches , and your general dislike of corruption . keep up the good work .

  9. No matter what happens to the market, cryptos will survive!
    Bitcoin was born because of 2008 ..!
    It will be totally full an pessimistic to dare to beleive 1 second that BTC will collapse when market will totally crash .
    How such a genius visionnaire like Satoshi could have missed the basic of his genius idea..!
    Never forget one very important point !
    Satoshi has a wallet with 1 million BTC, never he, she or they will touch it !!!
    You know why, perché, it will be like giving the keys to still your car
    What’s the point to destroy what has created the base of the base.
    Wallstreet and other will never see 1 single BTC from this wallet because, for sure Satoshi has destroyed it for ever, the minute all these BTC were on the Blockchain .
    In an other word, no matter what will cost BTC, there is always a bottom that BTC can’ t go o et because Satoshi set it up !
    Add after the minimum price to create 1 BTC in the cheapest locations and the difficulty, add all these super powerful whales which will never give up their supremacy in cryptos, then you have most of your answers
    BTC can collapse but compare to stocks, until all the usable BTC are running, the price will increase .
    There are few Picasso’s painting or Van Gogh, still the prices are continuing to riseJust try to imagine now, they were digital and many of them got lost for ever
    That’s exactly what’s going on with BTC and since BTC is the king and cryptos, the good one are always following, you can easily what will happen sooner or later.
    Presto, cryptos will be unavoidable and used everywhere and they will be digital gold for everyone .

  10. Please make a video regarding which projects you think might have good future,I’m planning to get into some new projects,Tell is what you would consider to get into,I’m bit confused
    I have a list
    Mainframe,Qtum,Loom network,esperto universale,non,Ada,pundix,wanchain,fusione,nano,verge and when do you think to get into Elastos before or after 20th November
    Please tell your opinion Lark,I think the community can benefit as it seems like the ultimate opportunity to get into some at these level,please make a separate video on this as community is also waiting for your opinion Lark on this topic.

  11. 50% losses is for noobs! check out my 90% red portfolio, Neo @ 170$, Elastos @ 58$ bambino. Thats how I roll.

  12. Hai ragione, but it’s not just that people perceive safety in the dollar. Many don’t. It’s just that when everything is going down people are forced to sell other assets to cover their shorts! Not everyone, but enough serious traders get caught by this that it has a massive effect that snowballs.

    I wonder if this time will be different though. I’ve seen a number of serious contractions and 3 recessions in my adult life, but I’ve never seen a global tinderbox like this. I think we were meant to crash much harder in 2008, and that the steps taken to make sure we didn’t has put us in an untenable position right now. i see governments all around the world accelerating their gold purchases. Could be preparation for their fiat currencies collapsing and needing to return to a gold back currency. That is what has happened almost every time a fiat currency collapsed, and they have ALL eventually collapsed. What happens to the dollar in that scenario? Safety, as the only remaining fiat currency in a world of gold backed currencies?

    But all years off. Let’s do hope we get a bull run in the meantime to increase our options.

  13. Man you keep getting better :D, really liking the comedic stuff, make them longer plis kthxbye

  14. Ha, ha,….Great intro again Lark!!
    I remember Andreas announcing only couple of years ago,,with pride, that the market has reached two billionand it sounded Big at the time, remember? How much we have grown since is amazing!….against the odds 🙂

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