Fare soldi in CRYPTO senza spendere soldi?!

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Nel video di oggi, we will talk about how you can get into altcoins and make some gains even if you are dead broke. The best part is there is no money involved with the solutions.

Leave us a comment below and let us know if you are implementing any of these solutions.

Video on Lit App:

What if Instagram and Steem had a Crypto Baby? Mithril Review


ETN Easy Miner:

Shield (XSH) Miner:

RDD Chrome Extension:
https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/reddcoin-tip-platform/lcoponfclppkdadbglnkhedjonbfegic?hl = it

CoinalityGet Paid in Cryptocurrency


Bitcoin Friendly Cities:

Bill Pay For Coins:

Video on Staking:

How to Stake and make Passive Income from Cryptocurrencies – Invia sociale – Parte 1

Video on Masternodes:

Masternodes Overview feat DASH, DSR, SEND.- Passive Income With Altcoins and Cryptocurrency – Pt. 3


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Fare soldi in CRYPTO senza spendere soldi?!

30 Commenti

  1. ETN and mobile mining is absolutely the way to go. It’s ridiculously easy and free. I run my miner almost 24/7 with no issues.

  2. Electroneum awesome app , I already collected 200 electroneum .
    I get like 11 electroneum per day..

  3. you need discord and then join coins that have discord staking and tipping/raining bot. ignition coin rain very much.
    Ic,dstra,okcash i now they have the staking bot on discord and give free coins away every day for all that are online

  4. theoneandonlyworldruler I do have discord and you’re absolutely right! It slipped my mind when I was making this video. Guess I’ll need a part 2!

  5. why dont you just sell the old phone’s your using to mine electroneum and the invest that, you would probably make way more money. seriously.

  6. Robles i am keeping my old phone as a back up for photos and other stuff. Life is not all about efficiency

  7. thats a good idea. i would like to see you speaking about dstra and ignition coin. would be so awesome!
    discord.gg/ASrznfq (DSTRA)
    discord.gg/4BvFYkb (Ignition Coin IC)

  8. damn thats like 15 centesimi….which means its now way cheaper than its ico prices smh….ETN really needs to do a better job at at getting more partnerships and exchange listings

  9. Un altro grande video. Glad I’m not the only one who fights their antivirus software from time to time. 😄

  10. Etn was 1c at ico so investors are still at 100% profits. Given the state of the total market cap that’s really not too bad

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